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Mobile Accord, Payfone team up for mobile donations

Mobile platform Mobile Accord has partnered with Payfone to let consumers make mobile donations to nonprofit charities via their mobile devices.

The partnership will let Mobile Accord’s clients donate directly by using their phone number. MGive is one of the products of Mobile Accord.

“One of the things we hear constantly from our clients is that they want a more flexible way to donate on mobile, and Payfone is a great way for us to reach them,” said Jennifer Snyder, executive director of mGive, Denver, CO.

Mobile Accord is a mobile platform company that helps more than 500 United States philanthropic organizations raise money and awareness.

Payfone is a mobile payment solution.

Quick donations
To make a mobile donation with Payfone, users click a button on a landing page that shows the amount of the donation.

Consumers can then confirm the donation and the amount is automatically billed to the consumer via their carrier.

“Payfone will take one less step out of our work and make giving a donation as easy as possible for our clients,” Ms. Snyder said.

MGive and Mobile Accord have raised more than $50 million for charities since beginning in 2008.

According to Ms. Snyder, phone numbers are  the universal way to reach consumers.

“We have research that the majority of donor makers make donations through text messages because it’s the most universal line of communication,” Ms. Snyder said.

“We wanted to build on that but make the donation process richer because non-profits do connect deeper with consumers,” she said.

Additionally,  QR codes work with a mobile payment.

For example, consumers could pick from three different shaped QR codes that represent three different initiatives of a campaign on a print advertisement. Each QR code would direct them to a specific and unique landing page where they could interact with the brand and make donations.

Mobile difference
MGive and Mobile Accord have been in the mobile donations space since 2008 when the company ran a SMS campaign with United Way during the Superbowl.

United Way saw more than 1000 text message donations per hour.

Additionally, the company has worked with the Keep a Child Alive campaign that ran with American Idol and SMS programs for Haiti Relief.

“We have also found that 22 percent of donors prefer to be contacted through mobile and SMS,” Ms. Snyder said.

“I’m certain we will see mobile offerings continue to grow for non-profits in the near future,” she said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York