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MMF attendees see potential of mobile in the retail space

Mobile Marketer’s Lauren Johnson talked to several attendees at the show and asked their take on the current state of mobile marketing and what they thought of the conference.

Jane McPherson, chief marketing officer at Spyderlynx, Denver, CO
My favorite speaker was Eddy Hartenstein from the Tribune Co.

It’s exciting to hear about creating a content platform with segmentation and one-on-one consumer dialogue opportunities.

I’ve seen today that the mobile model is finally emerging and consumer products and advertisers are understanding how the mobile marketing model relates to them.

Jeff Nezon, director of innovation at Alcatel-Lucent, Markham, ON
The future of mobile advertising is infinite.

The industry is rich with new revenue opportunities.

To me, the most interesting players in the industry are the mobile carriers.

They’re the real gatekeepers to the mobile industry.

They’re proof that the more accurate data points users have, the better we can better target consumers through mobile.

Javier Maysonet, business support manager at Alcatel-Lucent, Markham, ON
We’ve seen the industry go from apprehension a few years ago to embracing it in full gear.

Carriers are definitely the way for brands and agencies to tap into users.

David Benaim, director of client services at Mobile Messaging Solutions, Boston
Mobile is still evolving but highly reachable from different platforms compared to four to five years ago.

I’ve seen lots of new faces today, which is a great sign of how quickly the mobile industry will grow.

People are finally engaging with mobile and realizing that it is not just a trend.

Evelyne Valls, sales director at Where, New York
Mobile is like the wild wild West right now.

I think it’s just starting to come together, but the possibilities with it are limitless.

It is my first year at the MMA Forum, but I’ve been to other mobile marketing conferences.

This one has the best showing with the audience and caliber.

My favorite panel was the mobile commerce one, because I think commerce is the next phase of mobile.

Kevin Maguire, director of sales at MobileFuse, New York
Mobile is just at the point of taking off.

Right now, I think the industry has many predictions about it because we’re still not sure exactly where it’s going, but mobile is starting to come into its own as a platform.

In particular to the MMA Forum, I’ve seen more networking and energy than at other mobile conferences.

Andy Germano, vice chairman of Femtoforum, Dursley, England
I think the mobile industry is finally starting to question why we’re just now tapping into this technology.

It has taken a while to get it right, but I think everyone had to find a value for consumers, which is easier said than done.

I’m impressed by the number and breadth of attendees at the conference. It’s also nice to see mobile companies touching base with retailers.

Matt Kojalo, vice president of global advertising solutions, Calgary, Alberta
I see a huge potential of growth as the current state of mobile advertising.

Brands are starting to engage, and people that typically wouldn’t be looking to mobile and technology are now realizing how vital it is.

From search, targeting and geo-tracking, retailers are helping users engage with brands.

I’ve been in the industry for six to seven years, and this is the biggest event I have attended.

Agencies and brands are seeing they have to have a mobile presence instead of just mobile people.

They now realize they have to be here, and this is a great forum for them.

Rockie Thomas, vice president of digital sales at Tribune Co., Chicago
To me, the most exciting part of mobile advertising is how involved small-to medium-sized businesses are with it because they can get immediate engagement and recognition.

I think QR codes are one of the most effective platforms right now on the market because they are so easy to use and don’t involve a mobile Web site – it focuses on one thing instead of being so vast.

Brands are finally getting in touch with consumers in a real way with more tracking, so this conference is exciting to me.

I’m also surprised by how open and transparent people are here with sharing their strategies; it’s good to see some universal sharing of ideas.

Michael Becker, managing director of MMA, New York
Senior executives are talking about the fact that mobile is no longer an exercise.

Brands have come out and recognized that if mobile isn’t part of their strategy, then their strategy isn’t done. Mobile is core.

The show is tremendously exciting, and it’s the first time there have been more than 800 registered attendees.

There’s a palpable buzz in the sessions and in between.