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MillerCoors rewards soccer fans with prizes via SMS campaign

Brewing giant MillerCoors is amping up its mobile strategy via a partnership with the Club Deportivo Guadalajara soccer team that uses SMS to reward fans with prizes.

The campaign uses SMS to interact and engage with fans in real time during games. The promotion, which is targeted at young consumers, is part of a bigger mobile strategy that involves digital initiatives, including Web and social media.

“Mobile devices are how 21-27-year-old consumers are planning their social lives,” said Steve Mura, digital marketing director at MillerCoors, Chicago.

“Given that beer is a social product, it just makes sense for us to connect with our drinkers via mobile tools,” he said.

MillerCoors claims to be the second-largest beer manufacturer in the United States with brands including Miller Lite, Coors and Blue Moon.

Drink up
Of-age Club Deportivo Guadalajara fans can text codes found inside Miller Lite products for a chance to win prizes.

The promotion runs until Oct. 30 and includes both weekly prizes and one grand prize.

One lucky consumer will win a prize pack for a viewing party, which includes a television, computer, catering and a Skype chat with players and alumni from the sports team.

The more a consumer enters the better chance he or she has at winning the grand prize.

Consumers can enter codes on Miller Lite products to win prizes

In addition to texting, consumers can also enter the sweepstakes via the company’s Web site – – or through its Facebook page.

During the games, consumers have two chances to enter.

If the soccer team scores during the minute consumers text-in, enter online or through Facebook, they win a prize.

Booze alerts
Alcohol companies face a number of marketing challenges because of drinking ages.

Therefore, SMS is an effective way to target consumers because they have to opt-in to receive messages.

Additionally, sporting events are an ideal location for marketers to tap consumers because alcohol companies are typically large sponsors of in-stadium promotions and events.

For example, vodka brand Grey Goose recently used a SMS program at the US Open to interact with sport fans (see story).

“With the high adoption rate of smartphones among our core consumers, especially multicultural consumers, the phone is becoming the primary way many people are accessing digital tools,” Mr. Mura said.

“It also enables us to reinforce our brand messages with consumers who are increasingly distracted by multitasking,” he said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York