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MICROS, FanGo enable mobile commerce for stadiums

MICROS Systems Inc. and FanGo Software Systems have teamed up to provide a mobile commerce platform for stadiums and arenas.

Using a tight integration between the FanGo application and the MICROS Stadium & Arena point-of-sale system, fans will be able to generate orders for concessions, merchandise and other goods using smartphone technology. There are versions of the native application for Apple’s iPhone, RIM’s BlackBerry and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, with support for Google’s Android coming in January.

“MICROS is one of the largest point-of-sale technology companies in the world when it comes to stadiums and arenas, as well as restaurants, and this partnership allows us to go into a facility and integrate seamlessly,” said Collin Wallace, founder/vice president of business development of FanGo, Baltimore. “All customer relationship management and up-selling is done in the same system.

“We’ll install a software patch into the MICROS system, for example in the new Meadowlands facility, and it will allow anyone to order from their cell phone instantaneously,” he said. “The stadium or concessionaire can track how many FanGo orders they did and compare that to other ordering methods all under one roof seamlessly.

“MICROS is a multi-billion-dollar corporation saying we think enough of this technology that we want to make this available to all of our customers—they have 258,000-plus POS units out there right now, which is a lot of customers, and it says a lot about the technology and mobile commerce in general.”

MICROS Systems Inc. (Modular Integrated Cash Register Operating Systems) provides enterprise applications, including touchscreen computers for the staff to place orders, for the hospitality, restaurant and retail industries worldwide.

FanGo Software Systems LLC creates mobile commerce platforms and is an affiliate of BithGroup Technologies.

MICROS believes that stadiums, arenas and concessionaires will be able to leverage the FanGo up-selling technology to drive incremental sales via the mobile channel.

FanGo claims its application increases throughput and efficiency.

The fan places an order via a mobile phone and the order will then be transmitted to the MICROS POS system, where the order and payment are validated and processed.

When the order is ready, a service runner is dispatched to deliver the order to the fan in their seat or the fan can pick up their order at a designated concession stand.

The fan experience is greatly improved as the fan has not missed any of the game or concert and has avoided the annoyance of waiting in concession and retail lines, according to FanGo.

The customer history is then stored and can be used in the future for targeted mobile advertising.

“People ordering on their phone are ordering a lot more stuff when they make those orders and ordering a lot more often,” Mr. Wallace said. “Intelligent up-selling is another benefit—we’re looking at you and what you and people like you order and use that to up-sell you.

“We convert our ads targeted based on previous buying habits 20 percent of the time, one out of every five, and we’re learning a lot more about the customers,” he said. “It’s all made possible by going mobile.

“For the first time in a long time we can connect the customer to what it is they’re buying and what they’ve bought in the past, which allows us to profile people and helps us cater our advertising built into the application.”