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Maxim lets users send virtual gifts via New Year’s app

Users can choose from a variety of bottles that they can shake to pop open and share. Maxim worked with Elite Gudz on the application.

“We partnered with Maxim on the Champagne Popper because we thought their audience in particular would appreciate and be receptive to a mobile app that provided a premium service such as ours,” said Brian Ferrera, project manager at Elite Gudz, New York. “Aspects of the lifestyle Maxim portrays, in particular, beautiful women, cool tech and partying, fit right in with the message we wanted to get out.

“We were interested in working on an app that was timely and related to the holiday season,” he said. “We brainstormed on some ideas and eventually decided it would be fun to pop bottles of Champagne on New Year’s.

“Once we came upon that concept, we wanted to add another layer of depth and value within the app, which is how we came about developing the digital concierge feature that delivers a user’s New Year greeting automatically.”

New Years countdown
The Maxim Champagne Popper application lets users choose the contacts they want to give it to, write a message and the application sends it via email at midnight on New Year’s.

There is a countdown clock that automatically sets to a user’s time zone.

Users can choose a bottle and when they shake their phone the bottle pops open.

“The fact that we were developing for mobile was what gave us the core idea,” Mr. Ferrera said. “Everyone sits on their phones at midnight on New Year’s Eve, texting and calling friends and family to that point that most carriers services go down.

“We wanted to provide a premium service to people who wanted to pre-load their contacts and message and have their greetings delivered for them automatically,” he said. “It boiled down to the concept, which became our tag line, “Spend your time at the party. Not on the phone.”

Mobile versions
The company is currently on Android and Windows Mobile 7 versions of the application.

“We have already began porting the engine to the other operating systems along with other applications of the core functionality,” Mr. Ferrera said.