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Mass Animation selling short animated films via mobile

Through this collaboration the two companies have announced the availability of the Live Music mobile content channel on Myxer.

“Mass Animation wanted to be the first company to release a short film both in theaters and via mobile,” said Steve Spiro, vice president of marketing at Myxer, Deerfield Beach, FL. “By working with Myxer they were able to address all handset platforms and carriers at once, and easily create promotional content (ringtones, wallpaper images, trailer videos and etcetera) to drive awareness of the film before its release in theaters.”

The companies are partnering for a simultaneous theatrical and mobile release with Live Music appearing on 500 digital screens nationwide on Nov. 20 in front of Sony Pictures’ release of Planet 51 and on mobile via Myxer’s content delivery platform the same day.

To receive free wallpapers consumers can text LIVEMUSIC2 to 69937.

Mass Animation wanted movie goers to have the ability to instantly download the film to their phones to watch again or show their friends – kind of like a memento.

Also, for those that are not going to see the film in the theater, a 6 minute short would be perfect for mobile. Plus, it serves as another revenue stream for the film producers, since consumers have to pay for the film.

“Mobile should increasingly become an important distribution outlet for producers of short form entertainment as the short film is ideal for the mobile consumer’s habit of media snacking,” Mr. Spiro said.

The target demographic for the film is across all ages as it’s a fun, animated movie that will be shown prior to the heavily marketed Planet 51 film.

Myxer’s site tends to skew to 15-25, so that will be more of the mobile demographic.

Also as a collaborative film – there were 51 different animators who contributed to the Live Music film via Facebook – the film has a strong appeal to Internet and mobile savvy consumers, like the Myxer audience.

“Myxer was chosen because our technology was the best in terms of scale and simplicity, and our mobile content audience of 27 million is second to none,” Mr. Spiro said. “For a filmmaker and content creator like Mass Animation, Myxer is unique because we satisfy both their technical and distribution needs at the same time.

“We have the ability to mobilize any content across thousands of handsets and all major carriers, and we have a built-in audience of active and engaged mobile savvy consumers,” he said. “The content owner does not have to know anything about mobile technology or formatting and they get their film in front of millions.

“Myxer is a one stop shop for them.”