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Majority of donors content with text giving experience: mGive

A recent survey by mGive found that consumers find text giving to be a positive donor experience, with 62 percent of respondents donating to two or more organizations via SMS.

Fifty-six percent of respondents rated their experience with text giving as excellent or good, according to mGive. An impressive 12 percent of respondents give to four or more organizations via .

“As much as we know about what makes a successful mobile campaign, going back to Haiti, this is the first time we’ve taken a look at the demographics of mobile donors and their experience with mobile giving, because we’re constantly trying to innovate and improve the experience,” said Jenifer Snyder, executive director of The mGive Foundation, Denver.
“The vast majority of mobile donors have a very positive experience, rating it good to excellent,” she said.

“One of the inhibitors to nonprofits to integrating mobile into their overall donor engagement and fundraising initiatives is the fear of cannibalization, we now know that mobile giving does not cannibalize other fundraising channels, which will ease the concerns of other nonprofits.”

One finding that was particularly interesting was that mobile donation channels complement alternative channels of giving.

In fact, 79 percent of respondents who give to an organization via text have also contributed via other channels of giving such as email, Web site or direct mail.

MGive also found that a text contribution is often an important cultivation step for higher donations in the future.

Eighty-six percent of respondents who give to an organization via text are willing to consider giving larger amounts via other channels.

Text donors would like to have the option to give an SMS gift in the minimum amount of $25, mGive’s survey found.

“We were the only group running a campaign with a $25 price point,” Ms. Snyder said. 

Seventy?three percent of donors indicated that $25 is the maximum level they would consider giving via text, while 15 percent indicated $50 as a maximum text gift and 9 percent indicated $100 or more as a max.

The top three calls to action cited by respondents are email, public event and television.

“Haiti was definitely the tipping point for mobile giving, with calls to action on all three screens increasing awareness exponentially,” Ms. Snyder said. “What we’re trying to do now is know if we can try to help nonprofits integrate mobile into overall advocacy and fundraising campaigns.

“If you don’t include mobile as part of your strategy, you are missing a huge cross-section of mobile supporters,” she said. “Millennials are the hardest for nonprofits to reach and this is the highest segment giving through mobile.

“Mobile is great way to attract new donors. Fundraising and advocacy through mobile is absolutely effective. It needs to become a more robust aspect of nonprofits multichannel campaigns.”