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M. Fredric makes inventory decisions on-the-go via app

Los Angeles-based boutique chain M. Fredric introduced a new inventory management application, allowing the retailer to make more accurate inventory decisions while on the go.

The retailer is now using transaction technology manufacturer NCR’s newest counterpoint, which allows M. Fredric to access its inventory management software through an app. This enables the company’s buyers to access the information they need wherever and whenever, to quickly make a well-informed decision on which merchandise to sell online and in its stores.

“Retailers across all industries are looking for more options and ways to manage their business,” said Kendall Reed, marketing manager at NCR. “Offering a mobile app that lets them tap into their business not only meets their expectations, but allows them to transact, look up items and engage with customers away from the traditionally static POS system.”

M. Fredric is a retailer with nine boutiques located in California and is hailed as a fashion-forward haven.

Untethered decision-making
The inventory management system gives M. Fredric the freedom to operate as it chooses. While buyers are on location, hunting for which merchandise to carry in-store and online, they have access to the mobile app that gives them all the information they need.

The app updates in real-time and can showcase which items are selling more successful than others and what is in stock or not, allowing buyers to make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase something.

If a store has a large inventory of a particular item, the M. Fredric inventory system will show that information signifying that it is unnecessary to order more. If a certain product has been selling abundantly in one location the buyer can quickly decide to order more of that piece immediately, while in the process of shopping for the store.

M. Fredric was able to adjust the program to meet its needs

The system enables the retailer to drive sales. Developing an app that buyers and employees can take on the go, means they can make the better inventory decisions in a consistent manner.

POS turns mobile
M. Fredric is not the only retailer to update its POS system in the mobile sphere.

While all fast food burger chains are struggling to some degree, Wendy’s appears to be faring better than most, thanks in part to the installation of a comment point-of-sale system in more than 2,600 locations, helping to drive the chain’s mobile rewards and mobile ordering aspirations (see more).

Also, the American Airlines Center in Dallas brought mobile point-of-sale systems to consumers attending events in the stadium, allowing servers to accept contactless payments as well as Apple Pay, and providing a streamlined purchasing experience for food and beverages (see more).

“Mobile solutions offer flexibility for the retailer so he/she can access their business information remotely,” Ms. Reed said. “The integrated platforms offers real time updates so retailers know that the data is accurate and up to date.

“One of the goals with the mobile app is to increase functionality for inventory features, including receiving and recording items,” she said.

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily