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Lovesac, Moret Group reevaluate mobile strategies while balancing multichannel

By blending in-store and digital involvements, Lovesac and Moret Group unite its many teams to push toward digital innovations by taking its best in-store qualities to online. Working with other retailers in the past has presented a blockage from direct conversations between the customer and original brand, but tools such as live chat and loyalty programs have catapulted these organizations into a new era.

“Before online stores, we didn’t know what the customer was saying about our products,” said Arthur Lachman, senior vice president of operations and business development and executive vice president of ecommerce at the Moret Group, New York. “It then wasn’t a brand experience.

“Now the customer feels like there’s someone to talk to on the other line. Customer issues are now brought to life ahead of time, and it really makes for a healthy relationship.”

Overwhelming revolutions
With all of the mobile innovations that retailers have access to, companies attempt to dissect tools such as beacons and live chat to see which ones will benefit their own business in the best way.

However, imagining the use of these tools is a very different process from actually executing them. While marketing their products with other retailers, Lovesac and the Moret Group is in little control, but their online stores have opened a new channel for mobile innovations.

Furthermore, these retailers have a powerful edge against giants such as Amazon due to their concentration on brand loyalty and creating an entire lifestyle brand in addition to its products.

By implementing raw content to its ecommerce sites, Lovesac and the Moret Group are able to keep customers engaged and coming back.

“Mobile obviously has ruined everything in a good way,” said Darren Johnson, vice president digital strategy and product management at Lovesac, New York. “The customer experience is always on, and they are always connected to their favorite brands.

“Mobile is swallowing entire industries and will continue to dominate the customer experience.”

Executive influence?
For retailers such as these that have been around for years, having the right leadership in place is key to execute a successful omnichannel experience.

Lovesac recognizes the potential of brand loyalty and how it ultimately drives repeat business. By having access to a 360-degree view of the customer, Lovesac can build on its one-on-one relationships, which is paying off in big ways, because the more customers buy, the higher the probability is that they will buy again, according to Mr. Johnson.

Likewise, it has been crucial for these retailers to create an online experience based on the best aspects found in-store. From video to live chat to photo, online presence must have dynamic components to make it seem worthwhile for shoppers.

“It’s all about retention,” Mr. Lachman said. “The challenge isn’t getting customers; it’s keeping them. We’re fighting to keep customers engaged because there is a lot of noise out there.”

Final Take
?Caitlyn Bohannon, editorial assistant for Mobile Commerce Daily, New York