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L’Oreal bar code effort in NY taxis lets passengers shop looks

L’Oreal and Glamour have teamed up with SpyderLynk to deploy its SnapTags in taxis which let consumers buy advertised products right then and there via their mobile device. The Snap-to-Buy technology will be used during the upcoming NYC Fashion Week.

“Mobile Taxi Shops are enabling L’Oreal to sell beauty products when and where customers are motivated by advertising,” said Nicole Skogg, founder/CEO of SpyderLynk.

“Taxi videos showcase the product and explain that consumers can snap the SnapTag to buy it now, making the shopping experience simple and seamless,” she said. “The program also incorporates a social sharing element that allows friends and follows to activate a social shopping experience.”

Mobile beauty
Glamour and L’Oreal believe that the SpyderLynk initiative will entertain consumers during the free taxi rides during Fashion Week.

On the exterior of the cab, the taxi topper advertising has been converted into retail signage for shopping opportunities inside the cab. Inside the cab, television screens play programming from Glamour on beauty trends. In addition to the televisions, advertisements inside the cab further merchandise the products and the Snap to Buy opportunity from two L’Oreal brands, Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent.

When consumers scan the SnapTag, they are redirected to a mobile-optimized page where they can shop Yves Saint Laurent and Lancome products.

For example, the Lancome mobile page features the company’s Rouge in Love lip color collection.

There, consumers can browse the different lipsticks and glosses, as well as view the price for each.

Additionally, consumers can view the subtotal and buy one or all of the products through their mobile device.

“A much bigger percent of the mobile population can engage with SnapTags than QR Codes,” Ms. Skogg said. “Consumers with a standard phone can snap a picture and send to the short code to activate the shopping engagement.

“Glamour choose to incorporate the SnapTag reader into their app to make it a valuable shopping tool, so consumers with a Smart Phone can participate that way,” she said. “Additionally, brands can develop icons that more succinctly inform customers about the mobile opportunity.

“Rather than having a black and white pixilated box, the SnapTag fully merchandises what the consumer experience will be as the centerpiece of the SnapTag.”

Final Take
Rimma Kats is staff reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York