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Loffles offers consumers prizes via mobile sweepstakes site

Consumers can log-in using their existing username and password or they can register for a new account. Users can access the mobile site by entering on their mobile browser.

“Loffles mobile allows users access to the same catalogue of fantastic prizes while away from their desktops,” said Brandon Yoshimura, founder/CEO of Loffles.

“The whole application has been designed so users can sign up and enter their first contest in less than a minute – and who doesn’t have a spare minute waiting for the train, commuting to work, or in between appointments?” he said.

“So instead of continuously checking Facebook and Twitter for new streams, or flinging birds at stones, you can enter to win laptops and televisions and jewelry.”

Loffles offers a platform that presents advertisers with a new channel for consumer targeting and marketers a sweepstakes service that maximizes brand impact.

How it works
Consumers can access the site and log-in.

Then, users can pick the prize they want to win.

After watching and ad, consumers answer 2-3 questions to confirm that they have viewed the ad.

After following these steps, consumers receive free entry into the contest they selected.

“Though a lot of cool stuff happens in the Loffles backend as far as targeting algorithms and ad selection, the front end experience for users is as simple as click, watch and win,” Mr. Yoshimura said.

“IPhones and Android devices allow for full application functionality on the move,” he said. “Sweepstakes are proven to increase brand awareness and likelihood to consider brands when in the market for products and services.

“So what’s better for a user than a sweepstakes in their pocket accessible at any time?”

Social media
The company is getting the word out about their new site via Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth.

Additionally, Loffles is looking into native apps.

“The exciting thing we are working on is location-based raffles,” Mr. Yoshimura said. “So accessing Loffles from your mobile phone in certain spots would enter you for a relevant giveaway.”

Final Take
Rimma Kats is staff reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York