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Lenovo hooks mobile sales via commerce-enabled site

Lenovo has rolled out a commerce-enabled mobile site to let consumers buy electronic gadgets while on the go.

Consumers who access the Lenovo mobile site can browse laptops, tablets and desktops and also view deals. Lenovo is using Mad Mobile’s platform on this initiative.

“By providing a unique mobile commerce experience, Lenovo is better able to engage with consumers and drive new sales,” said Ryan Kelly, vice president of sales and marketing at Mad Mobile, Tampa, FL.

“Lenovo understands that consumers are using smartphones and tablets to shop and browse and that providing a rich and engaging mobile experience is important for conversions and brand building,” he said.

Lenovo is a technology company that builds PCs and personal computers and serves consumers in 160 countries.

Natural fit
Users can access the Lenovo mobile site by typing into their mobile browser.

The homepage of the site is merchandised to reflect Levono’s current featured products and promotions.

Additionally, each product category – laptop, tablet, desktop, workstation and accessories – is merchandised once users tap on it to help users find what they are looking for.

The mobile site also incorporates deals with a feature that lets users browse the company’s catalog of discounted products with daily coupon codes that users can enter at check-out to save money.

Consumers who shop via the mobile site can also customize their electronic gadgets with special processors, and warranties.

The Lenovo mobile site is merchandised for consumers

Shoppers can also read reviews and call Lenovo sales department via the site.

Lenovo is also bolstering its email marketing with a feature that lets users sign up for email blasts. Users who sign up for the email newsletters via the mobile site can receive 10 percent off their next order.

Shop on mobile
For a consumer electronics brand such as Lenovo, the mobile medium makes a smart place for a company to market its products for tech-savvy consumers.

The primary function of the Lenovo mobile site is to show consumers  the company’s products, and by making it commerce-enabled, the company is able to drive sales.

Besides Lenovo, other consumer electronics companies are also tapping mobile to get a leg up on their competition.

For instance, in order to increase mobile sales, Best Buy UK recently rolled out a commerce-enabled mobile site to let users shop (see story).

“Consumers are rapidly becoming more sophisticated when it comes to mobile,” Mr. Ryan said.

“Brands that do not provide mobile commerce capabilities along with a strong user interface are missing out on sales and valuable consumer interaction,” he said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York