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Kohl’s shows off social media super powers with Captain America giveaway

Kohl’s is piggybacking on the excitement surrounding the new Captain America: Civil War film and driving merchandise sales by featuring specific items in a contest on Twitter.

Twitter users that follow Kohl’s will be able to enter for a chance to win specific items in its Captain America collection by retweeting special posts. The strategy promotes individual items from the line through an attention-grabbing campaign while also solidifying a positive brand sentiment.

“With 645.2k Twitter followers, Kohl’s is clearly interested in ramping up its digital footprint in social media,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis. “Kohl’s has taken advantage of the Marvel movie that has the millennials buzzing, which is a great way to engage followers.

“The campaign is launched with a specific directive: gain more followers on Twitter, with a cool prize to win,” she said.

Twitter contests
Captain America fans will have a chance to win branded Kohl’s merchandise on Twitter by following the brand and jumping to action following certain tweets. The retailer is sharing a series of tweets of images of Captain America merchandise.

For a chance to win that product, users must retweet the post on their own account. For instance, on Thursday Kohl’s shared a photo of a Captain America shield, along with the text “RT for a chance to win this Captain America shield,” and the hashtag “#KohlsMarvelSweepstakes.”

Users that shared the post were qualified to win the product, as long as they had a valid email address. The contest is a series of ten product giveaways and ten posts on Twitter.

The winners of each product will be selected at random and shared on Kohl’s official Twitter page and Web site. The contest will end on May 16 and winners will be selected on May 18.

Each winner will be notified through direct message on Twitter, and must have a public account to be selected. The campaign helps drive sales by putting individual products on display in a way that makes Twitter users take note.

By sharing each individual product separately, there becomes more of a chance for someone to notice the item they are interested in and purchase it.

Kohl’s social media
Kohl’s also ramped up sales for a new handbag collection by leveraging social influencers and handing out free samples in New York, encouraging women to show off their personal take on accessorizing with the bags (see more).

Also, the retailer joined Maison Jules and H&M as among the slew of retailers that shared product style images on social media, driving interest in New Year’s Eve attire to maximize the last of sales potential from the holiday season (see more).

“As it ramps up its digital footprint, the new followers are able to view specials, offers, sales, and with more eyeballs on its brand, it only makes sense that sales will ramp up as well,” Ms. Troutman said.