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Kate Spade encourages fans to shop mobile videos featuring Anna Kendrick

The brand is producing a series of vignettes which air on social media, with the latest episode focusing on holiday shopping and parties. The video incorporates various Kate Spade products, which act as a prop in the storyline and includes a link to purchase the items.

“This is a clever and effective way to connect and draw in your audience,” said Carrie Middlemiss, U.S. director of marketing for Metia. “This form of product placement is a unique way to engage and showcase your product and brand.

“It is storytelling at its finest,” she said. “The Kate Spade videos make you want to know what will happen next and of course, as Kate Spade is hoping, has the viewer saying ‘I need that now.'”

Celebrities and commerce
The video series features Ms. Kendrick on a sequence of ‘misadventures’ with its most recent installment showcasing the actress sharing a cab with fellow celebrity Zosia Mamet and their antics that take place while the two kill time waiting for their driver. The women coincidentally order a cab at the same time and when one arrives, there is confusion on who the car is actually for, leading Ms. Mamet to invite Ms. Kendrick to share the ride.

When the driver insists on going to the bathroom, it leaves the two actresses to make small talk while waiting, prompting a discussion of Ms. Mamet’s holiday purchases. Both actresses have fun with the products such as playing with a scarf and handbags, which all happen to be Kate Spade items.

Mobile and desktop users can click on to Kate Spade’s Web site where every product in the film is available for purchase, including the outfits the women are wearing. The short film appears on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube through its own page and as sponsored posts.

The series first launched last year prior to the holidays and the newest video marked this year’s fourth vignette. The brand ramps up awareness for the videos by sharing trailers prior to each episode’s release on all social media outlets.

Marketers and video
Kate Spade is following a strategy important in the marketing industry. An executive from ShoeBuy at eTail East 2015 explained that mobile is changing how retailers innovate and how they approach customers, opening up the door for more opportunities but also more distractions (see more).

Similarly, the Wendy’s Co. differentiated itself from the slew of fast food chains rolling out mobile-optimized games by attempting to bolster awareness and sales for the newly returned Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich via a variety of choose-your-own-adventure YouTube videos (see more).

“This form of advertising can influence purchasing decisions,” Ms. Middlemiss said. “Besides boosting brand awareness it also encourages prospective buyers.

“Consumers will ask ‘where can I buy that,'” she said. “Helping them to not waste time hunting on the web for it is key to assisting them through the #customerjourney and their need for instant gratification.”

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily