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Kansas City Chiefs lets fans buy game tickets via mobile

The Kansas City Chiefs is letting consumers buy tickets to its games via a mobile-optimized site and application that was designed to help the team further engage with enthusiastic fans.

The NFL team has iOS apps as well as a mobile-optimized site that mimics its  Web site. The team’s mobile efforts are being powered through mobile video platform company Limelight Networks.

“We looked at all the growing mobile trends, and tried to think how we could make the game-watching experience better for our fans,” said Lance Brown, manager of Internet and digital media at the Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City, Mo.

“Mobile is useful for our team’s in-stadium fans, season ticket holders and out-of-state consumers who are interested in attending a game,” he said.

Limelight Networks is a content delivery and interactive advertising company headquartered in Tempe, AZ.

Mobile replay
The Kansas City Chiefs app lets users buy tickets by redirecting them to Ticketmaster’s site.

Consumers have the option of buying the tickets via Ticketmaster’s mobile site or using the click-to-call function.

Additionally, the app lets users watch videos, browse pictures and listen to audio clips from the games.

Live press conferences, interviews and additional content is also available via the app.

“Since starting our mobile efforts, we’ve been surprised by the amount of video our fans consume on their mobile device, and it’s one of our most popular features on the app,” Mr. Brown said.

“Limelight is a single line of code, so it’s easy to add new content to our app,” he said.

Future football fans
Football fans can use the app’s GPS feature to find their seats, concession stands, restrooms and cars in the parking lot.

The GPS function has 60,000 programmed pathways that consumers can use to navigate the stadium.

The app also stores directions for later use.

Kansas City Chiefs fans can also connect  with the team’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

In addition to its iPhone and iPod touch application, the Kansas City Chiefs also rolled out a mobile-optimized site that includes the same features and functions as the app.

The Kansas City Chiefs are currently looking at more ways to interact with fans.

To make users feel like a part of games, the team is  looking to include live-streaming videos from several areas on the field via mobile.

“We already use multiple cameras and angles during the game, and this way a fan could pick to either watch the game from multiple angles or select one specific spot to watch the game from,” Mr. Brown said.

Additionally, fans will be able to watch more in-game highlights and access game information from their handsets, showing how mobile is becoming a part of everyday life for consumers.

“Mobile is becoming the way people consume their information, so you absolutely have to be on it,” Mr. Brown said.

“We need to be where our fans are to best communicate with them, and we see mobile as the platform to do so,” he said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York