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Kangaroo Express boosts summer loyalty program with QR codes, SMS

Beginning today, the chain’s second annual Roo Cup deal returns, giving customers the chance to purchase a reusable cup that can be refilled for only $0.25 through labor Day at any of the more than 1,600 Kangaroo Express locations throughout the Southeast. Additionally, customers can scan a QR code on the cup to access giveaways and can send a text message to receive special deals.

“In its first year, the Roo Cup program overwhelmingly captured two target demographics important to the convenience-store market, males ages 18-24 and Hispanics,” said  Alec Bleday, digital marketing manager at Kangaroo Express, Cary, NC.

“These markets also happen to be heavily active in the digital realm, including social media and mobile engagement,” he said.

“Because of this overlap in the program’s target demographic and how that demographic prefers to receive their information, a QR code and text messaging program made sense.”

Kangaroo Express is operated by The Pantry Inc., the largest independently owned convenience store company in the Southeast.

Greater flexibility
The newly designed Roo Cup features a QR code that customers can scan every Monday to access content such as videos, games and giveaways.

Customers can also join the Roo Cup Club by texting the keyword ROOCUP to THEROO to receive SMS deals such as free refill days.

The QR codes and Roo Club SMS program allow for greater flexibility compared with static in-store promotional pieces as the content can be regularly changed to drive further engagement.

The 2012 Roo Cup retails for $6.99, plus tax, and can be refilled with any fountain or frozen beverage for only $0.25 through Labor Day.

Starting today, customers can reserve a 2012 Roo Cup on the Kangaroo Express Facebook page and unlock an additional week of savings. Customers who pre-register will receive a printable certificate with details to redeem in-store and will be able to purchase a Roo Cup starting May 16 at 7 p.m., one week before the Roo Cup’s release to the public on May 23.

Mobile’s pivotal role
Last summer, 264,000 Roo Cups were sold over a period of four weeks.

This year, the company is making twice as many cups available.

The promotion also includes in-store deals on candy, snacks and at participating restaurants inside Kangaroo Express stores.

“Mobile plays a pivotal role in both the Roo Cup’s QR code and Roo Club programs,” Mr. Bleday said. “Together, these programs help promote additional deals and offers directly to the target customer.

“The overall goals of the Roo Cup’s QR code and Roo Club programs are to increase engagement with the Roo Cup’s core customer base and to increase the attachment rate, or the number of items, such as candy or snacks, bought when a Roo Cup is refilled,” he said.