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Jewelry Television exec: Mobile to account for 6pc of total sales next year

During the “Jewelry Television: How to sell specialized items on mobile” keynote, the executive talked about how the company entered the mobile space. The keynote was moderated by Scott Todaro, senior director of product strategy at Demandware. The conference was organzied by Mobile Commerce Daily.

“You have to justify on vision,” said Tim Engle, senior vice president of strategic initiatives at Jewelry Television, Knoxville, TN.

“Obviously, there is a financial impact, but it might not be immediate for your company,” he said. “It’s not how much you spend, it’s how you spend it – do not let a budget compromise your vision.”

All about mobile
Jewelry Television has been in the mobile space for six months.

The company was talking about mobile and the channel playing a role in its overall strategy, but had other initiatives to deal with.

According to Mr. Engle, the initial focus on a mobile strategy will dictate a company’s decision.

“Mobile Web sites can be more challenging with enterprise implications and the dreaded technology roadmap,” Mr. Engle said. “When you mobilize your Web site, you really have enterprise implications.

“If you’re going the app development route, you need to reflect personality of company and the ability to develop outside the box,” he said. “Mobile is not the Web, it’s got to be different than the app.

“For someone to download an app or go to their mobile browser and access your mobile site, you have to give them something different – a reason to engage with you.”

Mobile jewels
Jewelry Television wanted to make sure that its application has different things and functions that are not identical to its online Web site.

Mr. Engle said that it is important to evaluate the level of commitment and provide time for a soft launch.

“Don’t compromise your customer experience because you want to get your mobile offerings out faster,” Mr. Engle said. “Focus on customer experience and execution.

“For us, inventory must be available on all platforms on all times,” he said. “I have to have a seamless shopping experience.”

Key offerings
The executive said that educating consumers with the brand is another key thing.

The company offers education support via its mobile offerings.

“I need to educate consumers about the jewelry and the gemstones,” Mr. Engle said. “It’s important to leverage all company assets.

“You have to involve your entire organization in the planning process and set realistic timelines,” he said. “Don’t compromise experience for time.

“Offer features that cater to your core customers.”

Mr. Engle also said that the Jewelry Television is currently offering on an iPad application in the near future.

“IPad is definitely a force to be reckoned with,” Mr. Engle said.

Final Take