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JetBlue offers time-sensitive deals via commerce-enabled mobile ads

The company is running expandable mobile ads within Pandora’s iPhone application that aim to increase mobile bookings. Consumers are constantly on their mobile device and by running a targeted campaign such as this, JetBlue is able to reach them no matter where they are.

“JetBlue is focused on excellence in customer service, which means listening to what our customers want and delivering tools that they find useful and fun,” said Allison Steinberg, a spokeswoman for JetBlue, New York.

“We know that more and more people rely on their mobile devices for information, communication and transactions of all kinds, and our goal in the mobile and digital space is to meet them where they are and provide a superior experience throughout their entire travel ribbon,” she said.

Mobile travels
The expandable JetBlue mobile ads promotes a three-night Fort Myers vacation package from $399 per person.

Consumers can book the package by tapping on the mobile ad.

When users tap on the ad, they are redirected to a mobile landing page that asks them if they would like to download the JetBlue iPhone application.

From there consumers can choose to download it or not.

Consumers can download the JetBlue app

Additionally, users can browse other deals and specials, as well as check their flight status and get travel alerts via the mobile ad.

“We know that our customers use their mobile devices to access our Web site, including to search for flights, and think it is a highly relevant space for us to reach our customers and potential customers,” Ms. Steinberg said.

Consumers can book their trips via the mobile ad

Mobile bookings
JetBlue is no stranger to mobile.

Last year, JetBlue saw more than 39,000 interactions with its rich-media mobile ad unit, which highlighted the company’s “Celebrity Baggage” campaign.

The campaign drove brand awareness and direct consumer participation in JetBlue’s Celebrity Baggage auction series (see story).

Earlier this year, the company rolled out an iPhone application and a new mobile site that lets users plan, book and manage their trip itineraries via their handsets (see story).

“Our recent redesign of our mobile site is a part of our larger focus on the digital design space, which is focused on providing customers with the tools they need to create a smooth travel experience from the time they book until after they arrive at their destination,” Ms. Steinberg said.

“Our approach with this initiative has been to focus on designing a lot of little things well rather than putting all of our efforts around one or two features,” she said.

“We believe the biggest benefit of this product launch is around the concept of ‘travel modes’ – essentially knowing where customers are within their travel plans and changing the products to surface relevant information to aid in their overall experience.”

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York