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Jamba Juice squeezes Android Pay wallet for mobile-savvy customers

Jamba Juice, seeking to increase convenience for its mobile-savvy core customers, has unveiled a mobile wallet based on near field communications that enables users to pay for items with Android Pay and then store and redeem promotions, maintain loyalty credentials and keep track of gift cards.

The system, which integrates Fishbowl’s Promotions Manager software into Android Pay, also allows merchants to process redemptions in real time, preventing fraudulent usage. The integration fits with Jamba Juice’s other in-store moves to please the forward-thinking consumer by offering as many technological experiences as possible with its health-conscious products.

“Brands like Jamba Juice that care deeply about the guest experience and are able to move quickly and be innovative will leverage technology to create a seamless and convenient guest experience,” said Cynthia Siedel, director of digital and social for Jamba Juice, Emeryville, CA. 

“Jamba Juice partnered with Google, Fishbowl and Modern Climate to move as quickly as they did to make this a reality in a very short period of time and this is just the beginning.”

Social post
First, the customer receives an email or sees a social post or digital ad with an offer. He or she then saves the offer to a phone.

Jamba Juice embraces mobile aggressively.

If the customer walks by a Jamba store, a reminder comes on about an offer, or if the offer is about to expire the customer can receive a reminder.

The guest then walks into the store, orders the item that is on offer, and taps an NFC enabled POS system to pay and redeem the offer.

He or she is charged for the selection minus the discount. Once the guest receives the item, the offer in Android Pay is shown as redeemed.

Jamba Juice has strived for some time to find ways to support the growing number of consumers who embrace mobile retail transactions. 

“Mobile is not in the future, it’s now,” Ms. Siedel said. “It’s how consumers interact, communicate and engage in commerce and with brands.

“People want things now and they want an easy and enjoyable experience,” she said.  “It’s not a nice to have, it’s a must have.”

This past spring, Jamba Juice integrated its operations with Apple’s mobile payments solution, providing an easy, secure and private way for consumers to pay for their fresh juices, smoothies and energy bowls.

The integration with Apple Pay let consumers pay by placing their mobile device over a near field communication reader, keeping information secure.

Contactless payments
Apple Pay, which, at the time was accepted at 700,000 merchant locations and supported by more than 2,500 banks, also uses NFC to initiate secure payment transactions between contactless payment terminals and Apple devices such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch.

A recent Jamba Juice promotion.

“At a high level, this [Android Pay] integration addresses restaurant operators’ concerns about how best to move data from a Smartphone to a POS terminal efficiently,” Ms. Siedel said.  “It generates data that helps them market more effectively in the mobile ecosystem.

“It also provides a seamless redemption process for operators – no buttons to push, no training required.”

Final Take
Michael Barris is staff reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York