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Jack Daniels uncaps social responsibility via designated driver app partnership

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Whiskey and Total Wine & More are teaming up with a designated driver service to enable Phoenix residents to request free rides via mobile as part of a 24-city tour.

The liquor brand is one of the program partners for BeMyDD’s 24-city tour, which offers complimentary drivers to bring customers and their cars to safety after a night out on the town. On Saturday, January 23, Phoenix residents will be able to take advantage of the one-time promotion, which will not charge for consumers for car pick-up requests within a 50-mile radius of the city center.

“We are giving away free rides from 9PM to 2AM on a Saturday evening in 24 different cities,” said Alexa Milkovich, vice president of marketing at BeMyDD. “It is for our pick-up service only.

“This is where two drivers will come to a location to take you and your car home if you already drove somewhere,” she said. “Therefore, consumers have to download our app and place a reservation.

“Local media has been talking about this program as well and that helps spread the word to their views and listeners.”

Safety first
Revelers wanting to enjoy a night out with friends or family may be concerned about choosing a designated driver from their party, or may not have the necessary funds to order an Uber or Lyft ride.

BeMyDD is hoping to cater to this audience with its 24-city Designated Driver Tour, bolstered by partnerships with Total Wine & More as well as Jack Daniels.

Consumers wanting to take advantage of the event may use the BeMyDD mobile application to request a car pickup from any location within 50 miles of Phoenix’s city center, at no charge.

Two drivers will arrive to the designated spot. One will take the customer and his or her vehicle home safely, while the other will bring the driver back afterwards.

The program is designed to lower national rates of drunk driving deaths while simultaneously boosting social responsibility.

Jack Daniels threw its support behind the campaign for these very reasons. Consumers who have had a drink during a night out and want to avoid receiving a DUI will likely find much use in this program.

“It is the largest designated driving program in U.S. and the very first of its kind,” Ms. Milkovich said.

The BeMyDD app is available for iOS and Android devices.

The complimentary pick-up service will be available between 9PM and 2M on Jan. 23. First-time customers residing in any part of the country will also receive a special promotional deal of $20 off their first ride with the code DDTOUR.

The discount can be applied on any day.

Relevant partnerships
Mobile-enabled partnerships have been at the forefront of many brands’ digital strategies this year. Jack Daniels is well-positioned to enjoy greater brand awareness – as well as potential sales – with its BeMyDD collaboration, due to the relevancy it offers consumers.

A number of big-name brands have already entered into partnerships with ride-sharing services such as Uber and more such collaborations are expected to roll out in the future due to the convenience they offer users and the inherent revenue potential for marketers (see story).

Hilton Worldwide is opening its doors to usher in a partnership with Uber by enabling guests to set ride reminders, request vehicles to and from nearby locations as well as explore local scenes via a digital guide powered by Uber within the HHonors loyalty app (see story).

“There has been an overwhelming positive response to this program,” Ms. Milkovich said. “Consumers are learning about an alternative to transportation and recognizing that social responsibility is extremely important.

“Especially for those that live in the suburbs,” she said. “It can get extremely costly to take a taxi or Uber with surge pricing one way downtown.

“BeMyDD allows you to get there and back for the same pricing with our Personal Driver Service. This is where you have a driver for the entire evening – they will chauffeur you around in your own personal vehicle.”

Final Take
Alex Samuely, staff writer on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York