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Clothing, accessories and mobile phones top eBay mobile shopping trends list

The company analyzed mobile sales across its top six mobile markets to identify this year’s major mobile shopping moments.

Mobile list
According to eBay, in the United States, the top five categories ranked by the number of items sold via eBay’s mobile applications for 2010 included clothing, shoes and accessories, mobile phones and PDAs, jewelry and watches and toys and hobbies.

The company reports that during the holiday shopping season that happened on Nov. 25 through Dec. 25, its mobile sales grew 134 percent over the same period last year – generating about $100 million in gross merchandise value.

Additionally, worldwide mobile sales grew 166 percent generating $230 in gross merchandise value.

Rolex watches, diamond jewelry and designer handbags were this year’s most expensive holiday purchases.

The sports memorabilia category peaked in Canada during the Olympic Winter Games. The category also peaked in Germany during the FIFA World Cup.

According to eBay, video game sales spiked 68 percent week-over-week ending on Feb. 14.

In addition, gadgets such as iPad and the iPhone 4 made many mobile sales since their debut.

International trends
In Canada and France, clothing and accessories was a top category in mobile sales. It was also a top three category in Australia, Germany, Britain and the U.S.

EBay reports that during key shopping periods, including Black Friday and Mobile Sunday, the clothing and accessories category ranked No. 1 in the U.S.

The company’s mobile commerce infographic shows that the categories representing the largest amount of U.S. mobile-generated sales overall for 2010 include:

· Cars and trucks

· Clothing and accessories

· Auto parts

· Sporting goods

· Mobile phones and accessories

Cars and trucks were in the top five categories in every state except Hawaii, and auto parts was a top five category in all 50 states.

Clothing and accessories were shopped via mobile in 49 states and sporting goods in 47 states.