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HotelTonight: IOS devices spend 15pc more on nightly rates than Android

HotelTonight is now available in London

HotelTonight is finding that not only do its iOS users tend to spend more but they also are 33 percent faster at booking a hotel reservation than Android users.

The HotelTonight data was compiled from January 1 — July 20 and examines the differences between the company’s iOS and Android users. HotelTonight claims to have 2.5 million app downloads to date.

“The relative lack of overlap between the two devices continues to be the most interesting — and stressful — facets of our business,” said Jared Simon, chief operating officer at HotelTonight, San Francisco.

“The fact that different offers and products appeal only to one or the other device’s users definitely keeps us on our feet and speaks to the value of focusing on mobile exclusively,” he said. “If the Web was our primary means of reaching users, and mobile was a secondary focus, we would not be able to continuously offer targeted offers to the users of each particular device.”

Fast fingers
Although iOS users book faster, Android users are seven percent more spontaneous with a booking, per the company’s findings.

The impulse bookings are reflected to the day of the week and time of a booking, too.

Android users are nine percent more likely to book on Friday while iOS users are 11 percent more likely to book on a Tuesday.

HotelTonight also finds that iOS users are ten percent more likely to book a reservation through the app before 2 p.m. Android users are 32 percent more likely to book a hotel room after 9 p.m.

When it comes to reservations for the 2012 Olympics in London, iOS claims 88 percent of the bookings compared to 12 percent of Android-based reservations.

Similarly, Android users are 20 times as likely as iOS consumers to describe themselves as thrill seekers.

Additionally, Android users are 16 percent more likely to be on the hunt for deals while iOS owners are detoured travelers.

Android users tend to book hotel reservations for longer stays, per HotelTonight. The study’s found that Android consumers were 20 percent more likely to book a hotel reservation for three or more nights.

Mobile-only approach
While other online travel businesses have swapped their Web approaches to a mobile-first strategy, HotelTonight is in a unique position as a mobile-only service.

Recently, the company branched its business out to Europe to reign in a new group of international consumers (see story).

Additionally, earlier this year HotelTonight optimized its iOS app for the iPad to focus on tablet users (see story).

“In mobile travel, we’re past the first-adopter phase, and we’re getting past the nice-to-have phase,” Mr. Simon said.

“A robust, focused mobile effort is now becoming a must-have tool in every travel marketer’s arsenal,” he said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York