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Iman Cosmetics, Cover FX match users to products through selfies

Jay Manuel Beauty, Iman Cosmetics and Cover FX are among the brands leveraging a mobile application to match products to consumers based on skin tone with an experience that feels natural through the use of selfies and underscores the importance of personalization in the beauty sector.

The makeup brands are getting in on the mobile app Plum Perfect and its new program Girl Seeks Sample in a bid to stay on top in the evolving personalization of beauty brands on mobile. The app is able to use mobile cameras to determine what skin-tone shade a user is, match products that will complement her look and then provide samples of items of interest through the mail.

“We decided to leverage mobile for a variety of reasons,” said Asmau Ahmed, founder and CEO of Girl Seeks Sample of Plum Perfect. “First and foremost, a selfie is best take on a mobile device, which allows for optimal accuracy with our color-match technology.

“Mobile is easy and convenient for the user,” she said. “They can access new and different products samples, anywhere, anytime.

“It is simple for anyone on the go. Over 80 percent of consumers go on their mobile device to review products.”

Plum perfect app
Plum Perfect users can now receive through-the-mail samples from brands that are able to match products to consumers’ skin tones. Users take a selfie within the app and within 30 seconds, the technology finds a skin-tone match.

The app will provide a congregated list of colors and products that are well suited to the users’ shade. Users can then order products they want to try out in person through the Girl Seeks Sample program that will ship out a sample that ranges from free to two dollars with free shipping.

Jay Manuel Beauty, IMAN Cosmetics and Cover FX are driving sales of their products by providing greater visibility to possible interested consumers.

Mobile and makeup
As mobile opens up significant opportunities for makeup, the beauty sector is pushing a wide range of mobile-enabled technology mixed with augmented reality, in-store activations and social media.

For instance, Sephora continued its efforts to tap into new ways of monetizing millennial-friendly mobile platforms, enabling its Snapchat followers to purchase products featured in live stories by taking a screenshot and downloading the ShopStyle application (see more).

Also, British beauty brand and retailer Lush Cosmetics launched its first mobile app for the United States, recreating the store experience through the ability to shop by scent or mood and purchase directly from social content (see more).

“We act as your personal beauty advisor and best friend,” Ms. Ahmed said. “Whether you are seeking makeup advice, or simply want to try something new, Girl Seeks Sample will give you scientifically backed suggestions and tell you why a certain product is a match for you.

“Girl Seeks Sample combines the power of the ‘mobile selfie’ (the optimal tool and way to take a selfie) with Makeup Match Technology for highly accurate marketing,” she said. “Using a selfie alone, we can market directly to consumers by matching shoppers with the right shades of makeup, and brand for them.

“Everything is done within the app. There are no surveys, color cards, or models used or needed. Girl Seeks Sample is purely mobile, and purely through the use of a selfie.”