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Humana rewards app users for exercise logged in via Apple HealthKit

Once users connect their HumanaVitality and Health apps, they will reap all kinds of rewards, ranging from movie tickets to fitness equipment. In an effort to provide a seamless experience for users managing their health, Humana is likely tapping HealthKit to utilize the newest technology available.

“We believe that this integration ultimately makes it easier for the consumer to stay more engaged in their health by decreasing the time, energy and effort required by the consumer,” said Kristine Mullen, vice president of wellness strategies and solutions at Humana, Louisville, KY.

Health promotion
HumanaVitality was initially created to make it easy for users to engage with and keep track of their health by enabling users to create and measure their own personal wellness goals.

The app is rooted in reward incentives, as developers believe that its users sometimes need a nudge or motivational offer to maintain an exercise regimen. HumanaVitality rewards users for meeting their personal goals and also performing other healthy routines, such as getting a biometrics screening or taking 10,000 physician-recommended steps each day.

Now through its integration with Apple Health, HumanaVitality app users will upload their fitness data from their wearable devices to earn Vitality Points, which involves granting permission to both apps for integrated access via users’ iPhones.

Vitality Points can be redeemed in the app’s HumanaVitality mall. Rewards range from movie tickets to fitness equipment to music downloads and more.

HumanaVitality members must be operating iOS 8.0.2 to perform these functions.

The app, available for free on Apple’s App Store, incorporates social competition by allowing users to connect with their friends on the app.

HumanaVitality asks users a handful of questions to unlock their Vitality Age, which is used to alert users if they living younger or older than their actual age.

Humama developed a YouTube video to provide clear instruction on how to best use the app.

Introducing the HumanaVitality Mobile App

Mobile driving health
Numerous healthcare providers have sought mobile to drive initiatives.

Integrated health care provider Kaiser Permanente is leveraging geo-location capabilities for its mobile and digital ads to showcase local landmarks and nearby Kaiser Permanente facilities.

Kaiser Permanente’s Thrive campaign targets consumers of all ages interested in comprehensive medical care and information that are convenient to locate. Thrive’s Web site provides nutritional advice, health-related articles, and personal stories aimed to help guests maintain a thriving health life (see story).

Health insurance provider United Healthcare’s mobile application Health4Me has recently been extended to all consumers following months of limited access for customers insured by United Healthcare.

The app offers new features such as the ability to search for nearby urgent care facilities and costs of more than 520 medical services, which aims to allow consumers to easily budget for their medical expenses. United Healthcare saw the benefits it was providing to its plan participants and decided to broaden its appeal by making it available to any smartphone user (see story).

Upon this collaboration between Apple HealthKit and Humana, the health industry is sure to see other brands take part and integrate with Apple’s latest innovations.

“The integration with Apple HealthKit will enable HumanaVitality mobile app users to be rewarded for taking accountability in their health journey,” Ms. Mullen said.

Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York