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HSN launches customizable widget for Sprint ID Pack platform

The new service lets HSN customers watch, discover and shop brands such as Wolfgang Puck, Twiggy London, Jonathan Adler, Mariah Carey and Lancôme. The new Sprint ID technology offers consumers instant personalization with applications and other content tailored to their interests. 

“We are working together with Sprint to create a unique and robust retailing environment for our shared customer,” said John McDevitt, vice president of advanced services for HSN, St. Petersburg, FL.

“HSN is dedicated to creating a flexible multi-dimensional mobile retailing experience for its customers that is always available in an easy, useful and convenient way – and Sprint has constructed a mobile platform with its ID Pack that uniquely allows the customer to have a deeper relationship with HSN than just having our HSN app as an icon,” he said.  

HSN is always live always fresh and always new. Now with these HSN widgets in the HSN ID Pack customers are always up to date wherever they are.”

HSN ID was developed by Motricity.

Just one download
With just one download, Sprint subscribers get access to HSN’s Today’s Special, which is HSN’s value of the day. It will be displayed with product information details and a direct link to purchase that item.

Live video is also available with the download. Customers will never miss their favorite HSN brands and personalities with a 24-hour live video feed that includes a window displaying the product currently airing live on HSN.

Additionally, consumers get access to the Last 15 Aired feature, which is the three most recently aired items on display, with arrows to scroll through all 15 of the most recently aired items. 

A scrollable list of all the latest new discoveries from HSN’s portfolio of brands is also available to Sprint ID customers.

Customers can stay connected with the latest HSN Facebook updates appearing on their Sprint-enabled device as well

HSN ID users are still free to search more than 100,000 applications in Android Market and download additional apps to their phone to add even further personalization.

HSN ID is free to download. Users can download up to four additional ID packs, in addition to HSN ID, such as MTV Music ID, ESPN, Socially Connected, or Fashion and Beauty and easily switch back and forth depending on which applications they want to access at any given time.

“The HSN shopper is a woman 25-55,” Mr. McDevitt said. “She like all of us, is always on the go, always busy and pressed for time. 

“Now with the HSN ID Pack she has the ease, entertainment and convenience of having HSN available wherever she is,” he said. “The ID Pack itself is free provided the user has Sprint service.  

“HSN product purchase is made through a secure log into one’s account.”

Dan Butcher reported for this story.