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Home Depot adds commerce functionality to app in time for holidays

The Home Depot has revamped its mobile application, adding commerce functionality right in time for the busy holiday shopping season.

Besides the commerce component, the application features some new tools, including a tape measure that uses consumers’ shoe size to calculate any horizontal distance. A nut and bolt finder helps identify the size of an existing nut, bolt or screw.

The application allows the customer to have connectivity to Home Depot 24/7, 365 days a year,” said Kelly Backus, public relations specialist at Home Depot, Atlanta. “Customers can connect with the brand in-store, on their home computer and now on their phone.

“Customers can now access information as soon as they need it, extending our reach for customer service,” she said.

Updates galore
Consumers can use the application to view in-store maps of every Home Depot store in the United States.

The application also includes hundreds of how-to video guides and customizable supply lists.

The free application is currently available on the iPhone. Support for additional platforms will come soon.

An interactive caliper that measures the length or width of objects used for a home improvement project is another update to the application.

Also, a room size calculator helps figure out how much paint, drywall, flooring or insulation to buy for a job.

“The Home Depot app provides a one-stop shop for your home improvement needs, with various tools available to help customers complete their project,” Ms. Backus said. “The app is consistent with other Home Depot branding applications.

“Mobile users can access a repository of information and products at anytime with the new app,” she said. “It’s a whole lot easier to grab your phone to watch a video on how to fix a leaky sink, than to grab your laptop – the app allows us to go wherever the customer goes.

“Plans to release Android and Windows 7 apps are already underway.”