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Hexaware launches 2D bar code boarding pass service

Hexaware Technologies Ltd. has launched a new service to let airline passengers download 2D bar code boarding passes to their mobile devices.

The new QwikCheck Bar Coded Boarding Passes can be integrated with any existing departure-control system. Hexaware said that this new service will enhance the Web and mobile check-in facilities offered to airline passengers.

“Hexaware’s strategy is to build industry-focused technology solution accelerators for our clients by leveraging our technology and domain expertise,” said Reji George, head of travel, transportation, hospitality and logistics global delivery at Hexaware, Mumbai, India. “The QwikCheck solution is one such initiative driven by International Air Transport Association’s Simplifying the Business program.”

Hexaware is a global provider of IT and process outsourcing services focusing on maximizing client returns from outsourcing and off-shoring.

The convenience of mobile
IATA’s Simplifying the Business program was designed to reduce costs and enhance passenger experience, something Hexaware hopes the QwikCheck service can provide.

With the service, a 2D bar code replaces the magnetic strips as defined in the Automated Ticket and Boarding Pass Version 2 standard.

All IATA-member airlines have to be 100 percent bar-coded-boarding-passes compliant by the end of 2010.

Hexaware said that Qwikcheck will enable a 40 percent reduction in equipment replacement costs for airlines.

The service lets passengers generate home-printed or mobile boarding passes, bypassing long check-in lines.

Hexaware said that Qwikcheck helps airlines and airports reduce paper costs by 100 percent.

Mr. George said that Qwikcheck addresses several challenges for airlines that invest in the service.

Because it is a pluggable component, Mr. George said that the service can be easily integrated with departure-control systems.

For consumers, Mr. George said that Qwikcheck will provide an easy check-in process because of the available options such as the Web and mobile.

Any airline can implement the Hexaware service.

Mr. Geroge said that the company’s spread of subject matter experts in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific gives it ability to service customers in these geographies better.

“QwikCheck solution offers passengers the option to receive a 2D bar code on their mobile phone, that is, get a mobile bar-coded boarding pass,” Mr. George said. “The concept is similar to paper BCBP, a bar code being displayed on the screen of the mobile phone instead of being printed on paper.”