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Hatch Lighting turns iPad into remote control for LED lighting fixtures

The new HatchLink application connects wirelessly to Hatch Lighting controllers and lets customers control the relative intensity and color of light output using their iPads.

Designed and developed by Haneke Design, the application lets users select the desired color from a color chart. Sliding a finger up or down lets users manage each LED color independently, with a display at the top of the screen showing how the changes look in real time.

“Hatch Lighting has always been on the forefront and this new product innovation is proof positive,” said Garrett Hatch, marketing manager at Hatch Transformers Inc., Tampa, FL. “Our objective with this app is to further demonstrate our capabilities as an innovative lighting company and use new technologies for fine-tuning lighting controls.

“The app is something that will be packaged with a custom LED lighting installation as an optional enhancement,” he said. “The app was designed for demonstration purposes at trade shows and for select customers.

“The target demographic is retail space and lighting designers.”

Hatch Lighting is a designer and manufacturer of premium power lighting products for the lighting industry.

The company offers a line of powers supplies including HID ballasts, low-voltage electronic transformers, LED drivers and fluorescent ballasts.

Haneke Design is a mobile application, interactive and user experience design firm.

An app to engage customers
Hatch Lighting sees the iPad application as a way to engage its customers, provide them with a value-added service and separate itself from the competition.

Developing mobile applications that communicate with other hardware devices is something far beyond standard application development, per Hatch Lighting.

Mr. Hatch said that Haneke Design worked directly with Hatch hardware and software engineers to ensure that the final product met all the requirements, was easy to use and fully tested.

 In addition to the remote lighting control feature, he HatchLink application also lets users manipulate a selection of whites via color temperature, from 2,700 to 25,000 degrees K.

The application was designed primarily for customers and Hatch Lighting’s own demonstration purposes as an additional way to differentiate themselves from competitors.

“For Haneke Design, it is yet another example of the agency’s strength in custom mobile application development – taking our idea and figuring out how to design it for the best user experience and making sure that it works perfectly from a technical standpoint as well,” Mr. Hatch said.

Final Take