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Gucci enters mobile commerce arena with one-of-a-kind app

Limited addition products are updated regularly through the iPhone application, which became available earlier this month. Application users get push notifications when new products are made available and can click-to-call to buy a product.

“Luxury brands are increasingly asking ‘why wouldn’t we allow shoppers to buy products whether they’re perusing the store shelves or vacationing in St. Tropez,'” said Nick Taylor, president of Usablenet, New York. “Just as you want to provide a fantastic experience to customers visiting the store, you also want to support a successful experience to shoppers using their mobile device. 

“A sophisticated mobile application or Web site ensures that a customer continues to feel good about a brand and increases their likelihood of returning to the application/site,” he said.

The launch of the iPhone application has been timed to coincide with the Gucci Icon-Temporary, a traveling sneaker store that opens on Oct. 24 at 43 Crosby Street in New York, before moving to Miami on Dec. 1, and then to London and Tokyo in Spring 2010.

A new limited edition Gucci Ronson sneaker will be introduced at each international destination of the tour, in addition to an exclusive edition of 18 sneaker styles in the Gucci Icon-Temporary sneaker collection.

The collection includes 16 men’s styles and 2 women’s styles, incorporating classic Gucci design signatures, such as the GG logo or a stylized version of the iconic Gucci red and green web detail.

Each design includes silver or gold metal dog tags as well as an embroidered “Limited Edition” label inscribed inside the shoe. Customers’ initials can be embossed onto a customized leather tag on the shoe laces, if desired.

As part of the promotion, Gucci teamed up with DJ Mark Ronson for the Gucci Ronson Sneaker. For each city opening in the U.S. one special Gucci Ronson model has been reserved exclusively for the Gucci application.

Application users are able to interface with the temporary retail spaces via a store-based network that automatically updates the application using the push notification feature.

Users can wirelessly download photos of all the Icon-Temporary sneakers, as well as a special playlist curated by Mr. Ronson.

The Gucci application is updated each season with new exclusive Gucci products, available only on the application. Consumers can click to buy and be connected with a sales representative who will assist in placing the order.

With the launch of this application, IPhone users are the first to know about upcoming Gucci events, collaborations and projects through Gucci Sneak Peaks.

Users get a behind-the-scenes understanding of creative director Frida Giannini’s vision each season.  

Application users can create their own music using the Gucci Beats feature, with loops, beats, drums and vocals compiled by Mr. Ronson.

Once a user has completed a beat, he or she can play it back for friends on a virtual turntable and scratch the record like a real DJ.

The application lets users forward their beats to friends via Facebook.

There is also a Gucci music channel within the application that lets users listen to a continuous three-hour stream of music, curated by Gucci exclusively for application users with seasonal updates.

When in a new city, or planning a trip, consumers can search Gucci’s little black book for the best bars, restaurants and night clubs in 33 cities worldwide.

“With the mobile Web currently consisting of 29 percent of subscribers with a household income of over $100,00 the mobile device is an excellent place for luxury marketers to stake their claim,” said Erin Wilson, specialist sales executive at Microsoft Mobile Advertising, New York. ” As Gucci aims to ‘synthesize the worlds of fashion, technology and music,’ one app is a nice first step for them. 

“Yet, when looking to align with their core consumer that has a high household income, taste for the finer things and vested interest in technology, there are many other handsets and platforms that more closely align to that demographic,” she said. “Continuing to build out additional apps across other mobile platforms, as well as a robust WAP environment, will prevent ostracizing the rest of their luxury base that are apt to have multiple handsets, including those that are much more high end.

“One thing that I can guarantee, is that I will be at the Gucci Pop Up Sneaker store in Soho this weekend… with my Windows Phone!”

Here are some photos of the application: