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Goldman Sachs, Oppenheimer push financial services via mobile ads

Investment banking giants Goldman Sachs and Oppenheimer are among the first brands advertising within the new Bloomberg Businessweek application for Apple’s iPad.

Computer storage and data management company NetApp Inc. is the platinum sponsor of the Bloomberg Businessweek+ iPad app, and other advertisers include Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.’s Infiniti and BASF. Bloomberg Businessweek claims this is the first application from a major business publication to use Apple’s subscription offering.

“We’re building out our media businesses, and this iPad app is a key element of that strategy, with a focus o reaching a much broader audience in the financial services sector,” said Oke Okaro, general manager and global head of mobile at Bloomberg, New York. “It’s exciting, because we’re delivering a great experience to our users on a device they increasingly carry.

“Seventeen percent of our Bloomberg Businessweek subscribers have an iPad, which is pretty substantial,” he said. “Being able to support that device is very important for us.”

Bloomberg Businessweek claims to have more than 4.7 million readers each week in 140 countries.

Targeting business professionals on tablets
Media companies continuing to invest in new platforms like the iPad opens new doors for advertisers, per Bloomberg.

The new iPad app has several ad units designed to help advertisers reach a new and broader audience and showcase their brand taking advantage of the tablet’s interactive canvas and touchscreen interface.

As the platinum sponsor, NetApp’s logo is featured throughout the application.

In addition to NetApp, Goldman Sachs, Oppenheimer, Infiniti and BASF are all running in-app ad units within Bloomberg Businessweek+, many of which feature rich media or tap-to-video functionality.

Bloomberg claims the magazine has experienced significant growth on the advertising front, with a 49 percent increase in advertising pages year-over-year for the first quarter of this year. 

“Advertisers can sponsor sections of the iPad magazine—they actually own those sections, as their branding is integrated into the content of those sections,” Mr. Okaro said. “It’s not just a banner ad in one spot.

“We’ve integrated the sponsors into the experience in an elegant way so they can effectively showcase their brand and claim ownership of specific sections, activating a sponsorship that is unique to the iPad app.

“While some of the app sponsors also advertise in the print version, the package for this particular product is different from the print package.”

Groupon story in Bloomberg Businessweek+

The Bloomberg Businessweek+ app combines the magazine’s perspective on global business news and market trends with content exclusive to the iPad application and various interactive features. It provides access to the latest market information and news on companies mentioned in articles.
Mr. Okaro said that the company re-imagined the Bloomberg Businessweek magazine for the iPad, optimizing the reading experience for the touchscreen tablet.

Bloomberg Businessweek+ features Bloomberg’s news and data and lets users get live information on companies, including current stock price, performance history and recent news.

Bloomberg Businessweek+ lets subscribers search and access past issues

The iPad application has exclusive video and audio content featuring Bloomberg personalities, including a weekly look behind the cover story with Bloomberg Businessweek’s editor and creative director.

In addition, both PBS TV host Charlie Rose and Bloomberg’s Tom Keene will contribute audio commentary that expands upon their weekly print columns.
The iPad application lets users search various issues by company or keyword, save articles in a personal library and share favorite stories via email, Twitter and Facebook.

The app’s Highlights section gives a quick synopsis of the week’s top articles.

There is a dedicated navigation bar and global table of contents to help users discover articles and other information.

The iPad app gives users the latest market information for companies mentioned within each story

Consumers can download the app on Apple’s iTunes and get access to a free issue.

The monthly subscription costs $2.99, while current magazine subscribers can get the application, including each new issue, at no additional cost.

“We thought about what makes the iPad unique, with our users’ wants and need the No. 1 priority,” Mr. Okaro said. “Providing a great reading experience was the most important objective.”

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