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GoBankingRates offers speed, ease of navigation with mobile Web site launch

In the site’s most ambitious overhaul since its inception in 2008, GoBankingRates now lets users on mobile phones and tablets gain fast, easy access to interest rate tables and articles about budgeting, banking, saving money and retirement. The makeover shows how mobile can help individuals at all levels of financial acumen manage their money effectively.

“Content market studies are unanimous in recognizing the increasing presence of mobile devices in our lives, and we are anticipating the needs of our followers by providing the best possible user experience,” said Courtney Aura Freeman, product manager of GOBankingRates.

“Many of our users access GoBankingRates from their mobile devices while waiting in line at the bank, while others enjoy our popular articles using their tablet reader from the comfort of their sofa at home.

“The GoBankingRates mobile experience must provide optimal utility and function in the competitive landscape of the content industry regardless of our visitors location or reason for visiting,” she said.

Easy navigation
The new site is designed to be both pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate for mobile users.

Its layout for mobile users is simple and modular, keeping the smaller screen size top of mind. Articles and other editorial items are set off with short headlines, simple fonts and images. The use of text is limited.

Clicking on an image takes the user to the content while a top-of-the-page signpost lets the user know where he or she is in the site relative to what has preceded it and what follows it.

Improved interest rate tables showcase the most competitive rates from more than 6,000 institutions nationwide on multiple banking products and loans. The revamped site also includes more premium videos and introduces slideshow content.

Social media tools at the end of each article further encourage user engagement.

Location services play a big role in the redesign.  For example, on the GoBankingRates homepage, investors may evaluate banking rates for savings accounts in their home town and open an account with one of the site’s banking or credit union partners from a mobile device.

Mobile banking has quickly caught on with consumers by bringing added convenience to what is viewed by many as a time-consuming chore.

In August, TD Bank began offering mobile-optimized Web pages for opening an account to meet the banking needs of on-the-go customers.

Big names such as Citibank and now Walmart also have jumped onboard with offerings that combine on-the-go technology with low fees to appeal to younger and lower-income consumers.

“The culture of personal finance is very important to us, so or readers will always find interesting news about how personal finance plays a role in the lives of their favorite public figures or how current business affairs could affect their wallet,” Ms. Freeman said.

We’ve tested the mobile site extensively, and our analysts monitor performance with a keen eye, so we have a modest confidence that our readers are pleased with the changes that we’ve made thus far.” 

Final Take
Michael Barris is staff reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York.