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Gilt Taste lets consumers buy food, wine via Flipboard

According to the company, this is Flipboard’s first and only shopping feature. In addition to shopping, consumers can also browse stories, recipes and videos.

“The Gilt Taste mobile strategy is to be able to reach our users with our stories and products, wherever they may be,” said Shan-Lyn Ma, general manager at Gilt Taste, New York.

“This includes any device or app they may be using in their daily routine,” she said. “With Gilt Taste on Flipboard, users can read stories and recipes, discover new food and wine from artisans around the world, and then they can purchase the ingredients they’re reading about instantly.”

Gilt Taste launched in May 2011 and offers an ongoing full-priced marketplace of curated artisanal products and wines, as well as original editorial content, photography, recipes, videos and daily special sales.

Flipboard is a social magazine.

Tasty deals
Gilt Taste on Flipboard features a curated and continuously updated selection of Gilt Taste’s favorite products along with stories and recipes by Gilt Taste editorial advisor Ruth Reichl, managing editor Jennifer Pelka and features editor Francis Lam.

Users can buy items they crave via Flipboard.

Additionally, there are ongoing flash sales that feature food and wine.

“Flipboard is one place that users stop off to spend a little time each day, and so feeding in Gilt Taste’s combination of content and commerce while leveraging Flipboard’s social magazine experience makes a lot of sense for us,” Ms. Ma said.

“They share our design aesthetic and also our passion for developing new ways to share ideas and interact with content, and launching Gilt Taste on Flipboard not only allows us to continue building a community of food and wine lovers, but also reach and hopefully inspire an entire new audience of Flipboard users who may not have been familiar with Gilt Taste,” she said.

Gilt Taste is getting the word out about its new initiative via Twitter, Facebook, technology blogs, and the Flipboard and Gilt Taste sites.

“And, because we are continuously updating the Gilt Taste feature on Flipboard with new stories and products, Flipboard users everywhere will be able to discover new content and read and shop from our marketplace right at their fingertips,” Ms. Ma said.

“Mobile, and particularly the iPad, is one of Gilt Taste’s main focus areas,” she said. “We are always looking for ways to create innovative and seamless ways for our readers to access and interact with our content and products.

“Our food and wine stories, recipes and photography are perfectly paired with the iPad. The Gilt Taste experience is so beautiful on the iPad, that we think over time it will be one of the main ways our users connect with us each day.”

Final Take
Rimma Kats is staff reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York