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GameStop, Coca-Cola bring mobile game to in-store shoppers

Coca-Cola is expanding its interactive mobile challenge game “Happiness in Numbers” that was launched this summer and bringing it to GameStop stores throughout the United States.

Coca-Cola Co. teamed up with Scvngr to launch the game this summer, with consumers able to play Happiness in Numbers at participating restaurants, amusement parks, malls and movie theaters. Coca-Cola and GameStop will work together to promote the game and provide rewards from both brands to in-store players.

“The goal of the partnership is to deliver an engaging experience that builds a player base who is repeatedly coming to GameStop for their gaming purchases while engaging with the Scvngr game,” said Kristin Djurdjulov, divisional vice president of marketing and promotions at GameStop, Grape Vine, TX.

“Each monthly execution will bring new challenges and new rewards that our gamers can check out,” she said.

“This is exactly what our customers love: challenges, achievements, status and rewards.”

Double play
In the new promotion, players are eligible to win rewards from both GameStop and Coca-Cola such as GameStop PowerUp rewards points and Live Nation concert cash. Participants can also enter a sweepstakes.

Consumers download the Scvngr app to participate in “Happiness in Numbers.”

Scvngr is a free location-based game and gaming platform. People play Scvngr via iPhone and Android at participating locations by checking -in, completing challenges, earning points and unlocking rewards. They can also share their activity with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.

This is the first time two brands of this size have come together to promote a Scvngr game, per Chris Mahl, senior vice president and chief brand alchemist for Scvngr, Cambridge, MA.

GameStop previously partnered with Scvngr around the launch of the game Call of Duty: Black Ops. And, Coca-Cola previously offered a Scvngr game with Buffalo Wild Wings.

“The magnitude, the size of the audience they can talk to and the ability to activate the campaign is amazing,” Mr. Mahl said.

“There is a real mixing of consumer brand and loyalty that these brands can integrate on and it is very powerful,” he said.
The game will be promoted through various Coca-Cola channels as well as in-store at GameStop stores across the country.
In-store, there will be signage at the register as well as a spot on GameStop’s internal TV network.

Both Coke and GameStop will also reach out through various social media channels.

“We’re looking to enhance the traditional GameStop shopping experience into something that is very relevant to their purchase,” Ms. Djurdjulov said.

“Through Scvngr, our customers can engage with their favorite games or brands via a variety of challenges that have been built specifically with them in mind while browsing the store or making their purchase,” she said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York