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Cellfish rolls out Family Guy app to boast fan engagement

Fox worked with Cellfish to develop the mobile app. The Family Guy Fun Pack app features official graphics and audio from the popular animated show.

“Personalization is the badge of honor of fan – it gives the fan an opportunity to proudly display his passions on one of the most personal devices,” said Julien Mitelberg, cofounder and chief operating officer of Cellfish, New York.

“Cellfish is passionate about connecting fans to what they really care about,” he said. “Whether it’s our NBA, NFL or Family Guy apps, they all give fans a great way to have a little passion hit throughout their day.

“It may surprise you, but our ringtone of Stewie’s classic Mom Mom Mom was the No. 1 overall ringtone in the App Store in January – people are clearly very attached to this show.”

Family fun
The Family Guy Fun Pack app features character wallpapers and downloadable ringtones. The app is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

The freemium version of the app lets users download their favorite wallpaper for free.

However, users can make in-app purchases to buy more character wallpapers.

For example, for $0.99, users can add four more wallpapers from any character or unlock all 40 for $4.99.

Additionally, there are a variety of audio clips from the show that users can buy for $1.29 and use as ringtones.

Consumers can purchase ringtones via the app

“Personalization is a way to extend the fan experience beyond the show, ensuring continuing engagement,” Mr. Mitelberg said. “Fans are an integral part of the Family Guy story – remember, it was overwhelming fan demand that brought the program back to television in 2004.

“People feel a part of the show,” he said. “And who does not want to have something on their phone that makes them smile every time they look at it or get a call?”

Family fanatics
The app takes advantage of the show’s distinctive visual style and quotable nature.

“We know the fans love to share their passion,” Mr. Mitelberg said. “As such we strongly believe in grass roots marketing – word of mouth and social buzz will play a big part in our strategy, but we also count on support from the App Store and our partner, Fox.”