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Fox Networks taps DirecTV to entice more consumers on mobile

Fox Networks is aiming to entice a wider audience of consumers on mobile devices by offering DirecTV’s customers access to Fox television shows via its mobile applications, likely garnering additional subscribers to DirecTV’s services.

More than 20 million of DirecTV’s subscribers will now receive access to a slew of Fox programs, including top shows such as Gotham, Sleepy Hollow and Bones via the FXNOW, Nat Geo TV and FOX NOW apps. The DirecTV Everywhere platform, which aims to bring out-of-home streaming capabilities to a variety of television feeds, displays consumers’ demands to consume content and access paid subscription services on mobile devices.

“Consumers are consuming more and more media on their mobile devices,” said Peter Galvin, senior vice president of marketing at SOASTA, Inc., San Francisco. “It is clear that they want to watch their favorite shows on their mobile device whether live or a week later.

“It is critical for major networks to have a mobile strategy as consumers are now in control of what to watch, when then want to watch it and where they want to watch it.”

On Demand, on-the-go
Fox is providing its National Geographic Channel, FX and FS1 feeds, among others, to provide an even wider audience with a seamless manner of accessing their favorite programming. The move is also likely to net more paid subscribers for DirecTV, which enables its customers to access On Demand viewing anytime and anywhere.

In addition to On Demand services, more than 80 percent of paid television customers can now receive access to full episodes of FX, FOX, Nat Geo WILD, National Geographic Channel and FXX series via mobile applications on all Windows, Android and iOS mobile devices.

More consumers are seeking ways of watching favorite content on their mobile devices, prompting many airlines to roll out personal device entertainment systems that enable users to access free or paid content aboard the aircraft on their own smartphones or tablets (see story).

Television networks are also offering similar services in the hopes of garnering more paid consumers and building opportunities to expand their mobile app offerings.

“Consumers are used to viewing their shows on multiple devices, TVs, tablets, game consoles, and smart phones,” Mr. Galvin said.  “This partnership enhances a viewers’ choice of device and gives them more access to exciting content which will clearly benefit both existing and new subscribers.”

Expanding app options
DirecTV users will have full admittance to use Fox’s plethora of apps, which include FOX NOW, FXNOW and Nat Geo TV. Fans can watch the networks’ shows as early as the morning after the air date.

The FOX NOW app enables pay TV consumers to watch all of its offered programs from the beginning, leading the app to collect more than 20 million downloads. DirecTV consumers will have access to these apps for free, which will result in the partnership driving Fox’s app downloads even higher.

FXNOW provides on-demand viewership of full episodes and feature films streamed on FX Networks’ channels, such as FXX and FXM. Meanwhile, the Nat Geo TV app is geared towards fans of National Geographic programming.

DirecTV content is available on any device, such as television sets, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Fox’s apps are also designed for a multitude of personal devices, including all iOS and Android mobile devices, Kindle Fire, Apple TV, Xbox One and Blu-ray Players, among others.

“All networks will need a comprehensive online and mobile strategy,” Mr. Galvin said. “Convergence is happening in the market where the lines between traditional broadcasting and over-the-top content providers is blurring.

“Networks can provide additional value to their viewers by making the content available in multiple formats and multiple devices.”

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York