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Fox Mobile taps Bango mobile Web billing services

The rapid growth of Internet-enabled mobile devices and consumers’ increasing usage of these handsets and data services is driving publishers and content owners to focus on content delivery through mobile Web sites. Fox Mobile selected Bango for more efficient mobile Web billing.

“Users have lapsed into browsing via the mobile Web and they are responding to ads and such and so a lot of brands want a fully realized mobile experience, including having users click on an ad and buy and download mobile content right from the phone,” said said Anil Malhotra, cofounder and senior vice president of alliances and marketing at Bango, New York. 

“Also brands want a more coherent and complete user experience,” he said. 

Fox Mobile’s strategy behind using Bango for its mobile Web billing services is to strengthen the user experience across its services. The company is depending on Bango to provide customers with a more efficient billing option. 

Bango claims it helps businesses earn the most money from their digital content and services and build close relationships with their mobile customers. As more people access the internet from their mobile phones, mobile commerce enablers are an essential part of a business’s Web strategy. 

Mobile Internet devices and connectivity are becoming more sophisticated, which presents new opportunities for the delivery of online media content.

Bango Payment is optimized across the range of mass market and smartphones to provide a standardized payment experience for every user.

Bango Billing is designed to deliver high conversion rates through its technology and network operator relationships, ensuring that users can pay on mobile devices, connecting through their operator network, or through Wi-Fi and other routes such as BlackBerry RIM data networks.

If carrier billing cannot be used, Bango enables payments through credit card and other methods, such as PayPal.
Bango Payment delivers a good experience while at the same time giving more successful transactions and helping businesses sell more mobile content.

“All brands are interested in providing a user experience and what’s great is that consumers see exactly what they are going to get billed for so there are no surprises at the end,” Mr. Malhotra said. “Consumers are willing to pay for premium content on mobile and we are enabling a safe and secure transaction.”