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Fox Head aims to increase sales via mobile commerce site

The company tapped Digby to power its mobile site. Consumers can access the mobile site by entering on their mobile browser.

“The mobile site is one of the ‘tent poles’ of our youth strategy,” said John Hazen, vice president of global ecommerce at Fox Head. “We believe young people are spending less and less time at the typical family computer in the den.

“They are in their bedrooms, using smartphones instead and we wanted, we needed, the ability to communicate with them in a swipe world versus a point and click world,” he said. “The second piece is experience.

“Fox’s ecommerce strategy is to create and deliver consumer experience to the Fox digital customer.”

Mobile shopping
Through the mobile site, consumers can buy products such as motocross, mountain bike and surfing gear.

The optimized site features a quick-swipe homepage banner and a search functionality that lets consumers narrow down their choices.

Additionally, consumers can shop by category, including top sellers.

Consumers can also access the company’s blog, videos and photo galleries.

“A better experience almost always drives more conversions,” Mr. Hazen said. “Mobile traffic has been growing at exponential rates while traditional traffic has been flat.

“We have a lot more people coming to the site year-over-year but mobile devices are making up a bigger and bigger chunk of that traffic,” he said. “In the longer term it will no longer be considered a mobile site or a mobile store but simply part of the Fox experience.

“In the same way omnichannel has replaced multichannel, the worlds of mobile and conventional computing are rapidly merging. People are device agnostic, they just want it to work, our goal is to make the experience so good they forget what device they are using.
Mobile advancements
A mobile site is a great move for Fox Head.

Consumers are constantly on their mobile devices, therefore, rolling out a mobile-optimized site that lets them shop the latest products no matter where they are.

“As a brand we have a responsibility and an opportunity to deliver some amazing tools and experiences that will further elevate Fox, both in our stores and online,” Mr. Hazen said.

“Bottom line, mobile is a key and integral part of  our omnichannel retail strategy.”

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York