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Fossil joins mobile commerce bandwagon

The site is powered by Usablenet. It can be found at

“Retailers like Fossil are increasingly turning to the mobile space to support its users, who are already accessing the Web on phones,” said Jason Taylor, head of mobile products at Usablenet, New York.

Fossil offers what it claims is the highest quality women’s and men’s watches, accessories, handbags and clothing.

On the mobile site consumers can login to their accounts, create accounts, view their previous and present orders and see their shopping carts.

Consumers can browse watches, handbags, clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories.

Also, site visitors can search for specific products using the item number or keywords.

Fossil asks consumers to sign up for its email alerts on the mobile site.

Additionally, there is a section on the site dedicated to sale items.

The Fossil mobile site is optimized for any phone make or model, so users get the best viewing experience.

Usablenet’s mobile Web platform provides Fossil with a new channel to extend marketing, commerce and client service efforts to its customers. It offers a fully managed service called Usablenet Mobile that translates all existing Web site functionality to a full-featured mobile interface.

The service requires no IT or Web resources on the client side, works on all Web-enabled mobile devices worldwide and can be implemented in six weeks.

Usablenet customers include American Airlines, Amtrak, Limited Brands, Marriott Hotels, Nissan and Pfizer.

It is no surprise that retailers are increasingly turning to the mobile Web as a means of driving more sales. The mobile Web is growing beyond the traditional boundaries, according to The Nielsen Co.

Unique mobile Web users increased 34 percent from 42.5 million in July 2008 to 56.9 million in July 2009, according to Nielsen.

The shift from PC to mobile is clearly underway, as browsing the Internet ranked only 2 percent higher in engagement satisfaction on a computer than on a smartphone.

With that in mind, marketers should also know that the United States’ mobile Web traffic is at about 63 million users, according to ad network Millennial Media.

“Mobile opens up another channel for retailers,” Mr. Taylor said. “We’ve seen a tremendous increase in mobile commerce activity, especially with this year’s holiday shopping season, so we are getting to a place where there is strong ROI for retailers in mobile.”