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Foot Locker steps up mobile loyalty via enhanced app experience

Loyalty members who have the Foot Locker iPhone app can now track their spending and stay on top of their VIP status. The update comes as bricks-and-mortar retailers increasingly recognize mobile’s potential to boost their loyalty strategies by bringing added convenience and value.

“VIP loyalty programs via mobile apps is something that’s important for brands,” said Mark Ghermezian, co-founder and CEO of Appboy. “It builds engagement and long-lasting customer relationships, and it’s never too late to start down this path.

“More importantly, brands should link these programs across all channels and screens – connecting customer information in a single view for the marketer to create a better brand experience for their customers,” he said.

“Foot Locker is harnessing some relevant trends – emojis, two-way communications – that will help keep their customers interested and engaged with this new strategy.”

Omnichannel offers
The Foot Locker shopping app offers users a variety of key features, with loyalty as one important aspect.

Previously, users could sign up for the loyalty program from the app and access their account.

In the retailer’s latest update to the app, it put a bigger focus on loyalty with new capabilities, such as the ability to track spending, stay on top of their new VIP status and view all available offers in stores and online right from the app.

The focus on loyalty in the app will help Foot Locker insure it does not run afoul of some of the biggest mistakes brands make when marketing to their most engaged customers.

Avoiding loyalty mistakes
According to a recent report from Customer Communications Group, one of the biggest mistakes loyalty marketers make is ignoring millennials. This large and quickly growing segment demands tailored, exclusive content, mobile-friendly experiences and entertaining experiences.

Another big mistake loyalty marketers make is not giving status updates. When consumers do not know where they stack up in a rewards program, they stop paying attention and are not motivated to change their shopping behavior.

By offering an enhanced mobile loyalty experience, Foot Locker is likely to attract millennials to the VIP program and make it easy for them to get status updates.

The Foot Locker app also helps users easily look up when new sneakers are being released and shop

The app also features Shoemoji, a range of more than 50 sneaker emoticons for iconic sneakers from brands such as Nike, Jordan, adidas, Asics and more.

“As we have researched and studied at length here at Appboy, there is a direct correlation between customer engagement and customer retention,” Mr. Ghermezian said. “Whatever avenues are available to maximize customer engagement should be considered a priority; and understanding the power and vast adoption of mobile apps today, mobile can certainly not be ignored.”

Final Take
Chantal Tode is senior editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York