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Flavorpill seeks to drive user engagement via mobile scavenger hunt

Flavorpill, an online destination for cultural events, has teamed up with GPS app service GoldRun to engage consumers in a scavenger hunt taking place during Internet Week in New York.

The event lets GoldRun users capture augmented Flavorpill icons at eight different cultural venues in New York.  Once users capture all eight icons, they will be invited to a special party sponsored by Flavorpill.

“The goal of the campaign was to reward Flavorpill users in a way that was innovative, and by partnering with us at GoldRun, I think we accomplished that,” said Alex Poole, director of engagement and strategy at GoldRun, New York.

Flavorpill is a Web site dedicated to scooping out the best cultural events in nine metropolitan areas, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago.

GoldRun is an iPhone and iPad app that lets users track down, interact and collect virtual items around cities by visiting popular places.

Scavenger island
During Internet Week, GoldRun users will be notified to visit eight New York-based locations that Flavorpill has dubbed as the most influential venues in the city.

Locations include the Brooklyn Bowl, the Museum of the Moving Image, the Rubin Museum and the Bell House.

“Originally, we had 12 locations in New York in mind, but we realized that eight was a more reasonable goal for our users,” Mr. Poole said.

As users visit each location, they will be prompted by the GoldRun app to capture the Flavorpill icon that appears on their smartphone.

Once users have collected all eight icons, they will be invited to an afterparty sponsored by Flavorpill.

“Flavorpill really wanted their users to have to work for a prize,” Mr. Poole said.

Home run
According to Mr. Poole, the campaign works because Flavorpill was able to tie in its promotion for city events with GoldRun’s geo-based technology that makes for a unique engagement experience for users.

The campaign is one in a string of partnerships that GoldRun has participated in, most recently with NBC’s Today Show (see story).

GoldRun has also worked with H&M, Airwalk and Barnes & Noble.

“This campaign is really just an extension of what Flavorpill already does, which is delivering relevant content to users,” Mr. Poole said.

“Our goal was to get people to interact and engage with our technology, and I think the collaboration was successful as a result,” he said.