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Fisher Price drives mobile, digital coupon initiative via holiday campaign

Mattel’s Fisher Price is making a hard push to reach millennial moms this holiday season through an integrated digital campaign that weaves mobile, digital and social together to dole out coupons.

Fisher Price’s “Share the Joy” campaign includes desktop, mobile and social elements and leverages digital and mobile videos to serve up coupons to consumers. Mobile advertisements supporting the campaign are running within the Extra TV mobile site.

“The videos are really great, and they incorporate a lot of great stories into them,” said Michelle Chidoni, spokeswoman at Mattel, El Segundo, CA.

“In the past, Fisher Price has really created digital content and TV commercials that are very specific to product and usually have a product featured,” she said.

“We created three vignettes, and they actually use their rewritten lyrics to holiday songs all from the child’s point of view, so there’s a lot of really great storytelling into these spots that we are really proud of and think are interesting. It’s a very different creative direction than where we’ve gone in the past.”

Driving online sales
Fisher Price is running full-page and banner ads that promote the “Share the Joy” campaign.

The ads feature a swipeable gallery that consumers can browse to view videos, search toys and find gift ideas that help parents find the perfect gift for their child.

The ad includes three separate pages of content that feature toys targeted at different types of children.

For example, one page includes a picture of a stuffed animal next to a video of a young boy. Another page promotes a play set of toys that is aimed at older children.

Consumers can then click through to watch a short video from the brand straight from the ad.

At the end of the videos, a coupon pops up on the screen. If consumers choose to share the coupon across social media, the value of the coupon increases from $5 to $10 depending on how many times it is shared across Facebook and Twitter.

A click-through on the “browse toys” or “get gift ideas” tab within the ad leads to a holiday microsite on Fisher Price’s mobile site.

Via the microsite, consumers can watch additional campaign videos and search for products.

The microsite is sectioned into three different categories that are tailored towards children of different ages. The three product groups are “Laugh and learn,” “Little People” and “Imaginext.”

“We obviously do a ton of research across the board on how parents and consumers are interacting with content and media, and we know that all moms, specifically millennial moms – which is the target that we’re really trying to reach – are really tied to their mobile devices, so it made perfect sense for this campaign to ultimately have a mobile piece as well as a digital piece,” Ms. Chidoni said.

Fisher Price’s mobile site

Shaking up mobile advertising?
As mobile ad budgets continue to inch up, more retailers have made bigger bets on rich media this holiday season.

For example, Target also ran a product-packed mobile ad to promote holiday toy ideas for parents (see story).

In particular, these types of mobile ads can be effective in reaching millennial moms, a lucrative mobile demographic during the holidays.

“Our own research shows that parents are turning to mobile, as an always-on, always-there device, to help manage their busy lives and schedules,” said Shrikant Latkar, vice president of global marketing at InMobi, San Francisco.

Mr. Latkar is not affiliated with Fisher Price. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

“In fact, we find that moms in particular are one of the more engaged audience segments on mobile, on par with teens,” he said. “Mobile media is 31 percent more effective than online advertisements in impacting mobile mothers’ purchase decisions and is nearly as influential as TV commercials.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York