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Fifth Third Bank’s mobile texting game showcases app’s speed

The bank is hoping to start a conversation on social media and drive consumer engagement to jump start app downloads, in turn increasing customer use. The Web-based mobile platform plays on users’ interest in texting and gaming, and also integrates with social media to broaden its reach.

“The TXTvsTXT game was created to draw attention to Fifth Third’s mobile banking app,
said Laura Trujillo, senior communications manager at Fifth Third Bank. “It is a fun way to engage consumers.

“We want people to have fun,” she said. “Our thought is that Fifth Third’s banking app helps our customers take care of business, without the wait, and get to the fun stuff like our new mobile texting game.”

Up your texting game
Fifth Third’s TXT vs TXT game can be accessed online through a platform created for mobile, allowing users to compete against each other or alone by typing out phrases as fast as possible. The game is being promoted through various social platforms with the hope it will pick up speed and be seen on a wide range of consumers’ news feed.

Users can click the link shared on social platforms or type in mobile browsers to play the game. Desktop consumers attempting to access the platform will see a message “why would you play a texting game on your desktop, visit on your phone, and let your thumbs go buck wild,” including a link to download Fifth Third’s banking app.

Players access the Web site, and must text out the exact letters, accompanied by illustrations to be able to the travel through levels. For instance, users must type sentences such as “Raoul dreamed of breaking the land speed record on a Unicycle,” while an accompanying image of a unicycle appearing the more the user types.

The opening page of the game reads “think you are a fast texter, our new banking app is even faster,” a bid to get users to download the Fifth Third’s app. The landing page then prompts players to choose between single player, txt battle and live duel, which is not yet released but coming soon.

Gaming and commerce
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“The game reinforces the idea that faster is better in today’s mobile, connected world,” Ms. Trujilo said. “We want people to play the game and share it with their friends.”