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Fandango, Open Table integrate content via Android app

Fandango and Open Table are integrating their content via an Android application that lets users buy movie tickets or make dinner reservations by speaking or typing into their mobile device.

Vlingo, a virtual assistant, has debuted its ActionBar service to the Android platform. The service integrates the content and capabilities of Fandango, Open Table and Kayak.

“Our mission is to offer our users the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to access the business, people and information that are important to them,” said Chris Barnett, executive vice president of markets at Vlingo.

As a virtual assistant that turns your words into action, Vlingo combines speech recognition, natural language processing and Vlingo’s Intent Engine to understand the user’s intent and take the appropriate action.

Speak now
Android users can type or speak commands.

For example, users who say “Harry Potter” can get showtimes for the film and buy movie tickets via their smartphone.

Additionally, users can find available hotels in any U.S. city via Kayak or book dinner reservations with Open Table.

“With each product release, Vlingo’s goal is to significantly expand the actions its users can do while on the go,” Mr. Barnett said. “Integrating with the content and capabilities of Kayak, Fandango and Open Table gives users a natural way manage travel, search and buy and even make dinner reservations.

“With Vlingo, people no longer need to use a computer to look up information – instead they can just say what they want to do and we turn your words into actions,” he said.

Users can reserve a table via Open Table

Users can book hotels via Kayak

Mobile services
In addition, the Vlingo for Android service lets users press the Vlingo widget and send text and email messages, search the Web using Google or Yahoo, update Facebook and Twitter status and speak into any application via the Vlingo Everywhere voice keyboard.

“We plan to roll out this functionality to all platforms we support,” Mr. Barnett said. “Aside from doing a press release we rely on our social channels including Facebook , Twitter, the Vlingo blog and LinkedIn.

“Vlingo will be rolling its functionality out to multiple platforms and multiple languages over the next year,” he said. “We also plan to add more features and functionality to the existing products.”

Final Take
Here is a demo of the Vlingo Virtual Assistant