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Fandango introduces new mobile bar code ticketing service

The program is compatible with several mobile carriers and users do not need a smartphone to receive and redeem the mobile tickets. While currently available in eight markets, the program is rolling out to more than 100 screens in the Reading Cinemas circuit around the country, with more to come, according to the company.

“Let’s face it, most moviegoers are attached at the hip to their wireless devices, and more and more film fans are accessing movie and showtime information and ticketing through their phones – so we want to help them get to the movies as conveniently as possible,” said Ted Hong, chief marketing officer of Fandango, Los Angeles.

“While online is still the preferred way for moviegoers to find their showtimes and tickets, Fandango needs to be available on every device, wherever consumers are making their moviegoing decisions,” he said.

Fandango lets consumers buy tickets in advance, as well as read reviews and commentary and watch trailers.

Mobile tickets
This is not the Fandango’s first foray into mobile. The company has an iPhone and iPod touch application where consumers can get movie and theater listings, tap a movie poster to watch trailers and read fan ratings and reviews.

Consumers can buy the movie tickets via their mobile device and take their handset straight to the theater ticket-taker, who scans the phones’ bar code.

According to the Fandango, this allows the customer to bypass the box office windows and kiosks.

“Fandango’s mobile ticket program works with most mobile carriers, and you do not need a smartphone to take advantage of the mobile ticket,” Mr. Hong said.

“If you have AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile, you must have a phone that can receive text messages and has access to the Internet,” he said. “If you have Verizon, your phone must be able to receive PIX messages.”

Additionally, the device’s core location feature finds the closest theaters and the movies playing at those locations.

Here is a screen grab of Fandango’s application:

Bar code locations
The bar code service is currently available in New York City, New Jersey, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Bakersfield, Sonoma County and Hawaii.

According to Fandango, in a recent online survey, 91 percent of users said that they would take advantage of Fandango’s mobile ticketing service if it was available at their local theater.

Sixty-eight percent said that they have used their phones to text a friend to let them know what they thought of a movie and 65 percent have watched a trailer or a film clip on their mobile devices.

“We will continue to innovate in mobile, as we’ve already seen success in the mobile space with our variety of applications for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm and others,” Mr. Hong said.

“We expect that Fandango’s mobile ticket will not only serve customers as a useful convenience, but that it will also help increase efficiencies for the movie theater staff,” he said.