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Fandango expands mobile offerings to Windows platform

In an effort to reach its audience on every platform, entertainment destination Fandango is letting consumers pay for movie tickets on their Windows devices.

The application can be downloaded on Windows Slate tablets, the Windows 7 phone and Windows desktops. Fandango also has apps for the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Palm and Android devices.

“There are millions of existing Microsoft Windows users who will be able to use Fandango in an operating system and app store environment that they are familiar with,” said Mark Young, vice president of strategy and business development for the entertainment and digital networks group at NBCUniversal, New York.

NBCUniversal oversees Fandango.

Window on app
The Windows app lets consumers plan their trip to the movie theater as well as keep up to date on entertainment news.

Movie lovers can instantly purchase movie tickets from inside the app. Users can pay with either their Fandango account or by storing their credit card information.

One perk about the app is that consumers can redeem gift certificates and offers directly when checking out.

After purchasing tickets, users can receive showtime reminders.

In addition to purchasing tickets, the Fandango Windows app( lets users filter through movies currently in theaters by genre, rating and screen format, which includes 3D and IMAX movies.

Consumers can additionally break down content and search by films near them, soon-to-be-released movies and by box office winners.

Users can also view movie trailers, clips and interviews. Depending on the type of content, some materials are available in full-screen mode.

To go along with Fandango’s mission to be an entertainment community, consumers can read ratings and reviews from both users and critics.

Maps and theater directions are available on the app, and users can store their favorites for future reference.

“Moviegoers can enjoy all the benefits of Fandango on their favorite Windows device,” Mr. Young said.

Fandango is known for having a wide variety of mobile platforms for consumers to choose from, but it is important to always keep in mind the device with which consumers are using the app, according to Mr. Young.

“The larger real estate of a tablet requires that you design different features that you wouldn’t find on smartphone app,” Mr. Young said.

“Our tablet apps are designed for film fans browsing from their couch or the local coffee house for fan ratings, critics’ reviews, exclusive clips and trailers, plus showtimes and tickets, whereas smartphone users are sometimes simply  looking for the nearest theater and showtime for the latest movie,” he said.

Heel platforms
Based on the number of platforms and apps Fandango has available for consumers, it can be assumed that one of the company’s main mobile goals is to reach out to consumers in every possible way.

By offering the Windows app on three screens – tablet, mobile and desktop – Fandango’s strategy reveals a larger trend in the mobile entertainment industry.

Consumers are watching videos, buying movie tickets and engaging with content on their mobile devices. But they also need content on their desktops, showing the platform ubiquity that companies must ensure when developing mobile.

In other Fandango news, the company recently reported that 20 percent of movie ticket sales came from either a Fandango mobile site or app. (see story).

“The Fandango app can work across numerous leading mobile handset manufacturers partnered with Microsoft including Samsung, Dell, Asus and others,” Mr. Young said.

“This allows us to reach a large and diverse addressable market,” he said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York