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Evernote drives growth via Alipay’s new mobile-optimized checkout

The partnership enables users to pay for Evernote’s premium and business level services more easily via a system optimized for mobile devices. While Evernote is available for Web or mobile use, many business professionals use it on-the-go to schedule meetings, take quick notes and search for documents.

“Adyen has provided Evernote with one of the first implementations of Alipays’ new mobile-optimized checkout,” said Kamran Zaki, president of Adyen North America. “Similarly, Adyen is actively working with other global merchants both in China and in many countries around the world to mobile-optimize their integrations with local payment methods.”

Launching in China
Alipay’s payment structure is the most popular online payment tool in China, boasting hundreds of millions of consumers. Evernote is hoping that this partnership will reach Alipay’s massive Chinese userbase and boost its presence in the country.

The one-click mobile checkout was also implemented to simplify the payment experience for Evernote’s recurring customers.

Global payment provider Adyen has been facilitating Evernote’s international expansion, providing payments support in 40 countries including China. The company believes the one-click checkout will increase revenue and make the service even more user-friendly.

Adyen is expecting to see higher customer satisfaction and affinity for the brand, as well as more user conversions.

“Succeeding in China, just like in any other country, requires adapting to local needs and preferences,” said Mr. Zaki. “And when targeting mobile users in China, optimizing the integration with Alipay is extremely important, given that Alipay is China’s most popular online payment tool, and over 80 percent of Chinese Internet users use mobile as an access device.”

Mobile payment competition
While Alipay is a top mobile payment system in China, it faces heavy competition from other similar systems in the United States. Some technology experts are not sure if success in the Chinese marketplace will echo in the American market.

“I think the whole Alipay ecosystem will have to wait in line,” said Paula Rosenblum, managing partner at Retail Systems Research. “PayPal is the incumbent, is getting into the game, and I imagine it won’t be long before we see Apple Pay in use in some places.”

Alipay is highly trusted in China. However, in order to attain similar levels of success in the United States, it will need to use the right marketing tools and garner the consumers’ trust here.

“I think mobile payments are all about ‘trust’ and Alipay has not established that trust yet,” said Ms. Rosenblum. “Probably their best chance with merchants here is to seriously undercut the price of PayPal, etc. There is a fair amount of competition in the space.”

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York