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Elite Gudz drives in-app donations for National Wildlife Federation

Elite Gudz has released the Plug the BP Oil Spill application for iPhone and iPod touch that enables in-application donations to the nonprofit National Wildlife Federation.

This application is designed to draw users’ attention to the acute problem of water contamination in oceans worldwide due to deleterious human activity. The application encourages users to help prevent oil leaks in the ocean by donating with one touch of a finger and provide an engaging experience at the same time.

“The BP disaster has just been such a major world issue and the imagery and news reports so prevalent in our daily lives, it seemed like the most obvious and current of topics for us to address,” said Maurice Freedman, cofounder of Elite Gudz.

“It’s common for artists to absorb compelling issues and world events and reflect them back through the various mediums they work in,” he said. “For our team, it was the BP Oil Spill filtered through our iPhone app.

“Our goal was to design appealing artwork, mix it with a clever message and create a vehicle through which people could become involved in a good cause.”

Elite Gudz is a design studio specializing in creative production and consulting.

Plug the BP Oil Spill app
The donate button within the Plug the BP Oil Spill application links directly to the National Wildlife Federation Web site, where users can not only donate to help cleanup wildlife affected by the disaster, but can also volunteer their time to make a difference.

Users of the application can imagine themselves as either life-savers or disruptors of flora and fauna on the ocean floor.

By tapping on the leak in the pipe, the user can prevent an oil spill in the ocean.

If the leak rests untouched, the imaginary scope of the oil spill, along with tips pointing out possible consequences of the oil disaster, appears.

The user can continue practicing favorable actions as long as he or she wants to follow useful tips indicating a beneficial environmental impact.

The application, which is also compatible with the iPad, targets anyone willing to be environmentally-friendly.

“This app was designed to reach men, women, young and old,” Mr. Freedman said. “Our app and our message are universal.”

Sounds imitating ocean inhabitants and sound effects following users’ actions make experience more fun and immersive.

The social aspect of the application lets users spread the word virally via a link letting people donate to counteract the consequences and support the victims of oil spills.

“Starting week three after release we will start massive marketing campaign to spread news about release of the app to as wide audience of people as we can possibly reach out to,” Mr. Freedman said.