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EBay targets fashionistas with shopping app

EBay has introduced a fashion application that gives consumers a personalized shopping experience from an array of designer, branded and vintage merchandise.

The eBay Fashion application lets shoppers browse, but and virtually try on items. The application is available on Apple’s iPhone for free.

“Apparel is eBay’s number one mobile category in terms of items sold, and number two in terms of gross merchandise volume, so this new dedicated fashion app lets shoppers browse and buy from the world’s largest selection, with millions of listings for clothing, shoes and accessories—virtually anytime, anywhere,” said Sandra Lin, general manager of eBay Fashion, San Francisco.

“Our target demographic is existing eBay customers who shop the site for fashion as well as new users who want to discover a new and exciting way to shop the world’s largest online marketplace,” she said.

EBay connects hundreds of millions of buyers and sellers globally on a daily basis through eBay, which claims to be the world’s largest online marketplace, and PayPal, which enables individuals and businesses to send and receive online and mobile payments.

Mobile fashion
The application offers multiple features including a personalized closet that lets users add, store and curate favorite fashion finds in one place and an outfit builder that lets consumers mix and match items from their closet and virtually try them on to create looks.

In addition, there are social media sharing functions that let users share favorite fashion finds via Facebook, Twitter and email.

There is also an eBay Fashion Vault that offers access to new, fixed price clothing, shoes and accessories through exclusive, limited time discounts on designer brands.

“We’ve been raising awareness about the new app through targeted media outreach and we’ve been utilizing our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter – @eBay_Fashion,” Ms. Lin said. “Also, the eBay Fashion iPhone app comes enabled with social media and email sharing functions so you can post favorite fashion finds to Facebook and Twitter or send to friends and family via email.

“The user can spread the word about their shopping experience and fantastic fashion finds as well,” she said. 

Here is a screen grab of the application:

Style me
The application features a virtual style gallery that showcases the latest trends and fashions on the home screen in a slide show format.

Users can tap the picture of an item they like to search for similar items available on eBay’s other application, eBay Marketplace.

Here is another screen grab of the application:

“At this time we are focusing on releasing the application in additional countries as well as developing an eBay Fashion for iPad application,” Ms. Lin said. “As with all our eBay apps, we are exploring the idea of a mobile website or applications for other device platforms such as Android, BlackBerry and Windows.

Final Take
Here is a demo of the application: