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EBay propels mcommerce efforts with same-day delivery app update and expansion

The eBay 2.0 update to its eBay Now iPhone app makes it easier for consumers to shop on the go no matter where they are. The eBay Now app is changing the way consumers shop and companies such as Kate Spade are teaming up with eBay to reach consumers on a whole other level.

“With the latest app update, we’ve made it even easier for consumers in our markets to find what they want from their local stores, and get it delivered anywhere in about an hour,” said Dane Glasgow, vice president of mobile and local at eBay, San Jose, CA.

Key updates
Through the updated app, consumers can pay via PayPal or a credit card at the time of order – all within the app.

Moreover, consumers can choose to scan the front of a credit card to eliminate having to type the 16 or 17 digits.

The app was also completely redesigned to create a better and more seamless browsing and shopping experience.

There is also a “Shop While You Wait” feature that lets consumers browse for their next purchase while waiting for a valet to deliver their current one.

Additionally, the new app update also includes improved search and lets consumers find items they are looking for more quickly.

Mobile shopping
The eBay Now app was launching in October 2012. Currently, the same-day delivery service is only available in San Francisco, New York City and San Jose areas.

However, eBay is planning on expanding the service to Peninsula, Queens and Brooklyn locations in New York.

In addition, eBay is also looking to roll out its eBay now app to Android devices to further broaden its reach and accommodate more consumers.

EBay believes that with this update, consumers are going to be able to shop more seamlessly, as well as find products more easily from a variety of retailers.

“For example, if you’re in the middle of a DIY project at home and discover you need supplies like paint, nails, or gardening tools, you can shop Home Depot with eBay Now and our shopping valet will bring your supplies right to you,” Mr. Glasgow said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York