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EBay launches online and in-app video series to drive engagement, sales

A new original video series from eBay will appear in the eBay Motors application as well as on the brand’s Web site to drive engagement and sales. 

The news series is titled “ModJobs” and it chronicles real-world car remodeling projects while providing pertinent information about the brands involved in the projects. Automotive brands such as Ford Motor Company, Edelbrock and Eibach Springs are participating suppliers.

“With ModJobs, we hope to inspire the enthusiast to do their own mods,” said Mitch Gross, senior manager of eBay Motors, San Jose, CA. 

“Being the largest parts and accessories marketplace in the world, everything they need is right there at their fingertips within the app,” he said.

“More time translates to more sales, so the more enthusiasts engage with the app, the more transactions will take place.”

Mobile enthusiasts
EBay has a strong community of automotive enthusiasts who participate in online discussions with expert car builders and vote on features of the project.

ModJobs is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to engage automotive enthusiasts through the Web and via mobile platforms.

“Mobile users purchase 2,600 vehicles and more than 117,000 parts on eBay mobile apps every week,” Mr. Gross said. “Given this volume, we know car enthusiasts are also avid mobile users.

“The goal is supplement commerce with entertaining and informative content, for a deeper, more engaging experience.

ModJobs will provide new content each week in order to maintain viewer interest. The program is hosted by Motor Trend Radio’s Alan Taylor.

The first eight episodes feature the customization of a 2012 Ford Mustang GT5.0. The series concludes with an online charity auction of the modified muscle car.

Viewers will be able to link directly to featured suppliers on eBay.

Mobile video provides retailers with a great opportunity to provide product information and drive sale conversions because it offers an immersive experience that enables customers to understand what they are buying.

A growing number of brands are looking to mobile video to drive customer engagements.

Car racing organization NASCAR recently partnered with ESPN to give sports fans a view of races on their mobile devices during the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup (see story).

A recent multichannel campaign from Adidas included a mobile video ad in support of the the new adiZero Rose 2 line of shoes (see story).

EBay expects its new video content will do well with car enthusiasts, who are the core audience of eBay Motors.

“We envision eBay Motors as not only a destination to buy and sell all things auto, but also where enthusiasts can engage in entertaining and informative content,” Mr. Gross said.

“This is where the ModJobs and World’s Fastest Car Show video series fit,” he said.

“Enthusiasts have an appetite for this content, and we’re making it available on the web and on mobile, so they can experience it wherever and whenever they choose.”
Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York